Wednesday, November 11, 2009


9/11 is forever etched into our minds. Desire to think the best competes with sobriety to think reality. The Muslim radicals are convincing. They are bent on extreme disruption.

I read a piece recently; whether fact or fiction, who would know? A presentation of terrorism was explicit. Ruin is forecast for those who are left behind. The warning was the next attack on America will be far more severe than 9/11.

The article caused me to wonder about us; especially our possibility and responsibility as we would operate actually on earth but perched from our citizenship's native land of heaven. What would we/should we/could we do? What if banks closed, highways became impassable, communication systems melt, and food and water supplies were disrupted?

Likely what might happen is man would turn on man in the name of survival. It is here we would want to train our people to lose our lives by caring for all others first. In that move, Jesus promises we would find the very life we surrendered.

What form would it take? How would it look? We won't really know until the actual event. But I do believe it valuable to know that if the world falls down....Christians will have a great option. We will not join the herd in panic; but will be a stable force of peace and hope.

Courage instead of fear. Compassion rather than self-serving. Love over fright. Calm over dread. His people will become even more needed as lighthouses to show the clear path to hope.

All of these things have been written assuming the world would fall down. Do you realize it already did and everything written above is the approach we are to

It isn't "if". It "is". We are on We can do this.

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