Monday, September 07, 2009


I had to learn to let things go. What things? All things which didn't work out; comments, efforts, visions.

It took me decades into ministry to learn to relax. I was a nervous neurotic. It's a wonder I didn't smoke. I would have been a good one.

My problem was I was a wish-controller. A wish-controller is one who doesn't control much but wishes he did. "If I would have only said", "If I would have done", "If things had been different", and "Oh yeah, well I coulda done better but I...." and on the self-talk of big-ism went.

But.....I learned. I learned two things; (1) I wasn't much, and (2) God knew it and was just waiting on me to accept it as my value point...II Cor. 12:9.

Living able to relax is unlike the opposite; steady and moody tension. Now I can like right now...every right now. It stuff works out, if I don't get my way, if my team wins, or if I lose something valuable.....I like right now. I've learned to let Him worry if He wants to....and He seems to have no taste for it. If I fail, I'll capitalize on lessons to be learned. If I succeed, I'll thank Him for letting something go right.

I've learned to let things go. All those mountains I wanted brought low and all those streams I wanted replenished with fish? They all take place in His timing, with His industry, IF He wants. I just can't seem to boss God.

Maybe you are miserable in your work because others won't cooperate. Relax. God will take care. Often, to my personal surprise, it wasn't the "others" God was trimming. It was my heart of setting a course for the kingdom and then obligating God to fulfill the task.

Ministry is a blessing to one's heart. It will go much better if we will learn to let things go....Ps. 46:10.


Leon Mission Effort said...

Thanks Terry. I let too much eat at me. What if I would have said/done this/that/the other! I have learned so much from your blog over the last couple of years. I love your positive attitude and have actually even blogged about it! Keep shining your light for the world, the church and your co-workers around the world. God is using you to bless a multitude of people!! msg

Christi Bloomer said...

Again, beautiful and timely reminder for me! Thanks again for sharing your ever so pertinent insights!