Saturday, June 06, 2009


The Bible speaks of churches of Christ. People speak of churches of Christ. Sometimes they aren't the same thing. The former is always His as Jesus really is building it. The latter is suspect. Both might be the same; but not likely.

All of mankind needs to know of the church Jesus is building and let God add them...just as He always has since Acts 2. The kind of church we know where we don't use instruments like the Methodists and have communion every week, unlike the Baptists, does not make us the true church.

Church of Christ was never a brand name. The New Testament is silent regarding any evangelist urging potential converts to visit a local Church of Christ as if it better designed than the Presbyterian one as we know competitiveness today. The direction offered was toward Jesus.

I love and want to be a part of the church Jesus is building. The denominational Church of Christ is not what we see in the scriptures. We must continually help one another lean to the one and avoid the other. It isn't a we/they. No one is exempt. We have let in man-made doctrines claiming them to be all from God. They aren't. We picked many of them up from the very denominations we criticize.


Stoogelover said...

In the not-too-distant past, your last three posts would have been the final nail in your ministry coffin. So at least the churches of Christ are making some progress ... to the point you can write these powerful posts and not be called in to face "the elders!"

Tim said...

thank you for, AGAIN, saying it straight! God Bless you!

Nellie said...

So appreciate your honest, open way of speaking such powerful truth. I pray God's continued blessings on you and your ministry.

Anonymous said...

We have made Progress!

In the Church of Christ today, many accept we are not “the only ones going to heaven”

However, many “in the church” do not yet know someone else that is.

Anonymous said...

I see a couple of different camps/trains of thoughts in church today: those who think "church" is all about the two hours every Sunday morning and are comfortable doing so because it's in the building with the right name on it; and those who love to do anything to distance themselves as much as possible from the "old-school" church of Christ ways, but who wouldn't know how to love their neighbor if Jesus was whispering instructions himself in their ear.

We need so much instruction on actually being a disciple and follower. We need something almost of a "revolution" to save the real church from disintegrating into the culture around us. Anyone up for joining me?