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I see a couple of different camps/trains of thoughts in church today: those who think "church" is all about the two hours every Sunday morning and are comfortable doing so because it's in the building with the right name on it; and those who love to do anything to distance themselves as much as possible from the "old-school" church of Christ ways, but who wouldn't know how to love their neighbor if Jesus was whispering instructions himself in their ear.

We need so much instruction on actually being a disciple and follower. We need something almost of a "revolution" to save the real church from disintegrating into the culture around us. Anyone up for joining me?


I'm encouraged in Jay's observation as I see such a direction increasing in some congregations. I'm touched by the number of doctors who lead our people on mission trips only to return home and devote themselves to the homeless and the food pantries.

More and more we run into members who "have everything"; yet they are given to seeing missionaries are supported and the church has adequate funds. On top of that, they are driven to bless those who feel they drew the short straw.

It is impressive to see our young children willing to grow in the simple caring for others doctrines. As a matter of fact, they often lead the adults in such moves.

I think Jay is on target and his call will never fade. Before us will always be the challenge to defy the tide which wishes to sweep us into our own beneficial and self-serving interests. I'm grateful for hearts like Jay's, Jackie Chestnutt's, David and Lisa Combs', Lita Blevins', Mike and Vasca's, and on and on and on the list goes.

We aren't ideal except in the zone of directing our people to look and think more like Him. We are slow, indeed. But it is such a charge when we get there...if only for a moment.

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