Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'll say it again. There are no classes in the kingdom regarding who counts and who is esteemed. We are all the same; saved by the blood of Jesus in the body of Christ.

A very kind man called me today from New York. Heather said he had a question but didn't want to bother me. She wanted to know if I wanted to take the call and Of course was my response. He began by saying something like, I don't mean to bother you. I am a nobody.....and into his question he went. We took our time and had a meaningful least it was meaningful to me to get to hear from one of God's workers.

It was very kind of this man to treat me with respect. I'll take that. I'll give that as well. But I am burdened by the thousands among us who feel they are not someone important and significant. I was teaching at a Stream in the Desert event at ACU and was reading II Cor. 12 to the college kids. I still remember where I was standing as I read to them verse 12 where Paul said he wasn't inferior to the most eminent apostles even though he was a nobody.

I stopped in my tracks and asked if they just heard what I just saw! If Paul was not inferior even though he was a nobody.....what were the apostles? Nobodies as well. We are all important nobodies. One is the Head. One is the Leader. We have various skills, callings, and opportunities. But who decides who/which is the most important?

You (Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms.) are quite important. You are most significant. You will do well to remember that if you sense you are nobody all others with whom you speak are the same. Everybody is somebody worthy of respect and attention because we are all nobodies...every day.

I'm very glad the humble man from New York called me today and was willing to let me talk to him. I found him to be an important person in my day.


Anonymous said...

You're super cool, nobody. Praying you have a great week! Love you!

Terry Laudett said...

Thanks for such an encouraging post!

Anonymous said...

Great post Terry, it's very convicting and encouraging to remember that I'm a very important nobody.