Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We possess a mighty instrument of power; prayer.

I was thinking today about my kids and recalling repeated times of prayer I spent with God over them. When they were in grade school I would thank God for the job interviews they each would one day have; maybe ten to fifteen years down the road.

I thanked Him that they were capable of having such an interview. I thanked Him for the training He had provided by that time in their lives. I talked to God about the rooms they would sit in and the individuals behind the desk as they would speak. I thanked Him that the interviews went so well. I thanked Him for keeping them from getting work which would not be good for them or the kingdom.

Things I pray forward now continue to be presented to God in the form of thankfulness. I thank Him for the success of the book I am writing, for the effectiveness of the Tulsa Workshop approaching, for the man who replaces me one day at Memorial Drive, and the new elders God eventually adds to the ones we now treasure.

Such prayers can go forward as far as we can imagine. I often thank Him for people and their works which have yet to be born. I praise God for conversions which have not yet taken place. Our imaginations are free to run wild as we pray it forward!

Praying forward is nothing new to our people. This note serves as an encouraging reminder to express great gratitude to God for things which have not yet happened; yet you believe they will.

Be encouraged. Make someone’s day by preparing the event with your unseen, unnoticed, and invisible prayers.....even years ahead of time.

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Lee Wills said...

Terry, thank you for this wonderful reminder. Your comments brought to mind our(Sharon and I) wonderful and precious daughter-in-laws Amanda and Stephanie. Each one is simply one of God's answers to 'praying forward' in our lives.