Thursday, January 15, 2009


I enjoy the paths God takes us. We work with such a broad range from the homeless and hungry to the movie stars and sports figures. Next week I head out for my 26th year at the Cardinal camp in Jupiter, Florida. I get to be in the wonderful mix of interacting with a homeless person on a street corner or an actor named Kelcy Grammer. All have similar celebrations as well as pains.

Last night a celebrity spoke at Memorial Drive. His name is Ron Babbitt. He is on staff at the Contact church here in Tulsa. He shared for forty continuous minutes about God working through plain people to plain people making both God's celebrities.

I could never be as good as Ron. He simply is Jesus to his community. While I wonder if he ever gets tired; he seems tireless.

Let me tell you how far off base I am. When his class was over (he is so supportive of my work) I headed back to my office to give him a complimentary copy of our new 100% Natural Evangelism DVD. Then I smiled inside. What would he need with my DVD? Ron is more aggressive in reaching out than I could ever imagine being.

I will not soon forget the compelling example of this man simply being Jesus to his community. Some might have tended to scald us for our lack of outreach; but he even had the nature of Jesus to be careful with us while he spoke of the outrageous works of God.

A celebrity spoke at Memorial Drive last night. He is one of us!


Tammy said...

And I still hear echos of 'we all want the same be connected." Makes the playing field pretty level.

Terry Laudett said...

Very nice post about Ron. Thanks!

Leon Mission Effort said...

Yeah, Ron is a star! I have loved that man since the 9th grade at Pettijohn Springs!!! He's one of those people that makes YOU feel like you're the greatest person and most special in the world! God works mightly through Ron in a humble way! msg