Monday, December 22, 2008


Life is fun day after day. Chris and Wendy started from Atlanta Saturday morning to be home for the holidays. Dusty’s come in Christmas afternoon.

In talking to Wendy as they left Atlanta she shared that five year old grandson Hayden walked in with my bubblegum card as they were packing. Do you think Pop Terry would autograph this for me? Do you know what an autograph is? Yes. Well, I’m sure he would be glad to. As they crossed into Tennessee Wendy looked back and Hayden had my card in his hand….waiting for a signature. As they got closer to Tulsa she checked again. In one hand was a stuffed animal. In the other was my card.

Today we intend to have an autograph session! Do you suppose the line will be very long?

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Stoogelover said...

The line will be just right!