Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Every leader needs to be reminded to keep his or her focus upon Jesus. Because he is invisible it is far too easy to lose sight. Distractions come both in arugments and worthy projects. Either can carry the name of religion while missing the target of developing a personal relationship with the living Lord.

We must work as Nehemiah; a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. This man was a giant fellow exemplifying successful focus. We will do well to keep our eyes on the Leader of this church. We must not be duped into distracting debate and what-not insult. We must guard against wanting to defend ourselves against the torrent of gossip and accusation which untamed tongues love to invoke. Yakety yak has always been abundant among the least of the workers.

Jesus was sometimes silent and sometimes leveling with his words. We must keep watching for his kind of work in our midst. Shams will come along to talk us out of helping the needy. Failures will arise causing us to hide in intimidation. We must not give up on God, on others, nor on self. We can get a mighty work done when we intentionally look for God to do so in, with, and through us.

Unintentionally, I believe we have made work in the church far too difficult. We thought we were doing his work properly; yet we left him out. Our organization and subsequent self-approval became more important to our egos than sensing the leading of God's Spirit. Stay focused. Watch him. Look for him. Trust him.

Wonderful things are happening in the church. None of them are because man got smart. It is happening because man got humble. We can't. He can. We choose to believe his ability is more effecient than our own. Good for God.....He still works among us!

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