Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm all about Christmas! I love this time of year and especially this week.

Today, though, has had its moments of tugs upon my heart. First, I visited by phone with my new friend who is very ill with AIDS. I am trying to get him to help me start a new ministry for others struggling as he. We are to meet next week. He is down to 88 pounds and his voice sometimes fades out. Our conversations are both well-connected while concerning, of course.

Second I went to see Blanche, one of our elderly members. Hospice is there. She visited with me well, but has little time on earth left. While sitting at her beside, I inquired as to how she was dealing with everything. She was quick to let me know she didn't have long left on earth so we discussed the reality of fear and security to hope. I regard moments like these as extremely special and important. Yet, my heart is too weak to endure the tugs which are firm.

Just now I called California to console the momma to my friend dying of cancer. The family's hopes are she can make it through Christmas Eve and Christmas. The mother cried and I cried with her as she told me how she is cooking for the entire family their traditional Christmas Eve dinner for the last time with her. Too, she shared how her fourteen year old granddaughter sang a special song for her mother at church Sunday.

Heartugs are weighty; yet so important in hope. If we did not agonize with those who suffer we would be of all people calloused in heart. The church is a nation full of softies, huh, and I'm glad. It lets me fit in!

Some of you are moving through the week with the world on a string. Good for you. Take it all in with gusto. Others are happy with a trickle of sadness forming a slight shadow. For you, we all tell you that it is true, you do not stand alone.

I was telling God mid-morning just going through routine stuff, God thanks so much! No heart attack this year. No stroke. Both legs work. Both arms. My eyes focus. And, I can still think. Thank you God while it surely is a great day! Heartugs hit us. We all deal with them. Our God puts each into perspective and shines the Light as to the way through every bit of it. Wahoooo!

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Kent says,
I have been doing a lot of reading about heaven. Books such as Randy Alcorn's major work on it and his novels. I love the way several novels have Christians die and see their view from heaven (or paradise). They are flabbergasted that people on earth are so concerned about the tragedy of their death. They say something like "Don't they realize how incredible it is for us here now and that no longer matters?" Though his picture of heaven may not be exactly right I do believe that we should all be having a more eternal perspective on death. I know we shouldn't have a flippant attitude toward people's suffering but it seems to me that if we share this more it will encourage them greatly.
My own father died of ALS (Lou Gerrage's). I really never knew how strong a faith he had till then. He never complained even when he got to where he was completely bed-ridden. He just looked forward to heaven. I pray I will show that kind of faith in my own death.