Monday, December 15, 2008


Be reminded God works from the most difficult of situations. If not careful I find myself drifting into expecting God to do what is normally expected by human effort. But the great fun of the kingdom is to believe He can defy the norm and deliver the astounding; if not the impossible.

When God parted the Red Sea and then the Jordan He was just warming up. His opening acts in the book by the same name were not the apex of His arm. It isn't that God was 28 in the New Testament and now lives in His early 90s. God does not weaken.

We must stop the drift of letting faith slip into expectant flesh-capable routine. We must continue to call on the active, heroic, creative, and wild God. I keep asking Him to do things which can't be accomplished by my/our human formulas and equations. He keeps responding.

I want to see God do the God-stuff. I want to see Him defy our minds and our wills by expressing His strength in the very center of our efforts. I like to work in the kingdom where the results are so good friends say things like, "You are kidding!" and "You are not going to believe what I just saw!"

Don't let your faith drift into the mediocrity of man's best standards. Anticipate God delivering the goods beyond the wonders of the O.T. and the miracles of the N.T. He loves to show His stuff. We should want to see His glory in all we do!

I believe the church has become stuck in arguing Bible instead of living in the raw anticipation of faith it wishes to develop within us. May we lose our taste for winning arguments and keep building a hunger for winning souls. The best way to do it is to pray for Him to work in our lives.

There is the frail us trying to do good work...and then there's God!


Anonymous said...

The other day in our ladies Bible class, we were talking about being very specific in our prayers. The facilitator asked the question, "Can you give me an example of a time when you were very specific in your prayer and the prayer was answered immediately?" Yes! I could! Others could, too! Sometimes, when we see God clearly at work, it is in an immediate answer. Oft times, it comes from patient waiting, as is the case of our 25 year old daughter who has had chronic migraines since she was 12. We're still waiting on God's miracle! His way! His will! His timing! LORD, I still my unbelief!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Terry! Absolutely...and amen. We don't just read about what he has done to see what he did, but to know what he can still DO. The other night a woman was beaming as she told me of an inmate whom she took to church with "inmate" clearly marked across her blouse...who was welcomed...and eventually redeemed, and is living today, years later, as a totally new daughter of God. We will reach more people if we believe in the power of God and his transforming love.

Jimmy Clare said...

Thanks Terry...
Your words went along right
with my morning study today!


Tim said...

thank you TR! as is often the case, your words (or, more accurately, God's words through your keyboard) are dead on accurate!

We should always be watchful for Him to do His thing... we should be like my 10 year old: wide-eyed and excited with anticipation of what's next!

God Bless you, Terry!