Sunday, November 02, 2008


The grass is always greener applies to preaching as well. Tonight I heard Judge Morris, Daryl Hayes, and Charlie Kymes speak at an area-wide church gathering at the Union PAC. I love preaching and preachers.

Here's what I thought when I heard them: These guys are really good! We have some really good speakers in our area. I saw traits in each that I don't see in me. For one, they seem very knowledgeable. I get by, but those guys have a background of study under their belts that I envy. I'm advantaged in ways by not being raised in church. Yet those who have been can speak from the top of their hearts about things I may not pick up on. I thought they did a good job. And, it's tough speaking in front of a special group like this one. As the speaker so much is needed and because we are human we can never deliver as strongly as the occasion requires. So while there is a great chance that none of the three feel they did what they wish they had done, we received great blessings by hearing their hearts speak to us.

There must have been maybe 1200 in attendance? It was a packed house. Those who participated in the presentations; emceeing, speaking, reading and leading singing, didn't disappoint. It was a special evening. But I especially was proud of my co-laborers in the pulpit. They are exceptional and I'm proud to be their friend.

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Terry Laudett said...

You're right! It was a great evening.