Monday, November 10, 2008


What is it that brings us over the horizon of daily service to find inspiration leaping in our hearts? Two things are involved; more I'm sure, but two for now. The cross of Christ and the poor for the moment.

When we reflect upon the cross with its guts and gore, hearts seems to rush to new focus. Hang-nail issues diminish by comparison. The cross blasts away indifference and causes renewal of energy. When we consider what happened to the Son of God by religious and Roman thugs we become aroused in spirit to push back against dark and unruly forces.

Too, encountering the poor motivates me to take action. The poor depress me a great deal. I don't feel sad that I am blessed; I feel lonely that others are not. Prisons housing human beings like zoo animals make me sick. Jesus, recall, had compassion toward prisoners. Those who have meager income or abuse what small income they have tugs at my heart. I want everyone to be well off.

What is the answer? Can we really do anything about this? Yes. Absolutely! Give 'em heaven! Give them Jesus. I think about this trying to go to sleep. I think about it when driving. I think about it sitting in airports. What can we do to impact the masses? Jesus is the only way. He is the way.

Please. Try to do more than finish your day in a tie. Keep doing something with your heart (with your imagination) to invent, create, activate works of impacting good. This world is weak at every turn. People are crumbling. The conditions are perfectly rotten for the love of Christ to shine like crazy. Blessed are those who mourn. Much mourning is going on. May we team up to pour in the blessings.

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Brother Terry, may God continue to bless you, your ministry to people, and your church.
in all sincerity, Jim Cooke, Midland, Texas

Monday, November 10, 2008
Is Christ Supreme in your life and church?!
Christ is Supreme!

That means He is also the Head of the Church! We tend to run our churches as if we are in control, making our decisions based on gathering needs then developing programs to fill those needs. Yet, as good as this may sound, the main thing in church leadership is usually left out. Where is Christ? Where are His purpose and direction? We close the door to our Lord! Even though He is the head, we leave Him outside of our preparations and purposes. What does this mean? We are off base on the function He has for us and miss the call for His Church and ourselves. What we must do is line ourselves up to Him and His Lordship. Not our ideas, trivialities, and agendas; rather seek Him as Lord over all—our lives and our churches! When we think of the church, we tend to think of it as buildings and programs; but the real, true Church is the people all interconnected to one another while being intercepted in and with Christ as LORD. When we get this, that Christ is eminent and He reconciles us to Him, we will start to see how important our commitment to honor Christ and His precepts are. We were enemies to God; dammed for eternity with no hope or plan. Now with Christ, we have salvation, assurance, and an eternity of hope. Then perhaps we can start to really build and rebuild our churches back to a godly direction of making disciples. It is about His fullness in us! It is to be our passion and directive to lead Christians to grow in Him and into His way, and away from false perceptions. All Christians, especially Christian leaders, need the desire to see a church committed to His purpose and poured out to His ways. When we proclaim Christ as Lord, then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship. We must allow His work in us, live in His presence, be a doer of the Word, stand firm in our faith and teachings, and never drift away from His “true Truth” and precepts or His love.

Q: What happens when the Supremacy of Christ is absent, lost, or forgotten in our churches?

Q: How does this cause Him to be pushed aside for false teachings and misrepresentation of God?

What are you going to do about it?

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