Friday, November 07, 2008


Everywhere we turn; troubles. Our prayer lists are packed with names and needs. Boy, do we need God!

Be encouraged that Moses hiding and thought forgotten on the backside of a mountain is one of God’s most wonderful stories. Be encouraged that young Joseph believed doomed and forgotten in a remote pit due to hateful brothers was simply in the waiting room of God’s preposterous blessings. Be encouraged that humble Esther assumed relegated to wall-flower position was found to be God’s lone tool in order to avoid a national crisis.

What did Moses, Joseph, and Esther have in common? For one, they had their share of moments when things were quite perplexing; things just didn’t look a bit good. Secondly, Holy Spirit eventuality struck all three. So it is with us. Be not surprised to discover the road to good results is filled with necessary interruptions feeling more like potholes.

In visiting with Craig Hicks this morning, he was sharing how his seven years away from ministry felt so long. Now that he is back in it? That time feels like only a blink. Be encouraged. When we are stuck in the dark moments of bad days, God is working His scheme to prepare us for the good news blink. The bad days we encounter belong to God, too.


Anonymous said...

Here's what's cool about where God has me today. I can thank you for your encouraging thoughts by leaving a comment here and when I'm done I can walk a few feet to thank you in person. Thanks Terry. Thanks God.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your work at Memorial Drive. I don't know all the back story regarding Mr. Hicks and his departure 7 years ago, and it's not important today. But I listened to your joint presentation from 10/26 online, and gather that Satan clearly did some work on your congregation several years ago, and God has since spun into His own glory, as only HE can! Praise be to HIM! His Spirit is upon you all in a powerful way.