Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We’ve had a week of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s tirades filling the airwaves. Now Rev. John David Manning of Harlem is being used to counter Wright; one being in Barack’s corner, the other in Hillary’s. It makes one wonder. Oh, not the wonder I led you to believe. I set that up to get to the real wonder. I believe wonder (the good kind, the light kind) is all around. Yet, oft we may not notice it. How is that?

Are any of you old enough to remember when you didn’t get much for Christmas? However, the one or two things we got were usually treasured (Hard candy and nuts in a sock wasn’t great, I must confess). In fact I could hardly sleep when it hit the month of December for the outlandish anticipation of it all. Now? We get so much every week Christmas has…..lost its wonder. Wonder, full wonder (wonderful) is everywhere. It’s in reports. It’s in courtesies. It’s in inventions and creativities. Wonder fills the room, the street, society. Let’s notice it.

Each morning I thank God for the wonder of it all. I have extreme luxury everywhere I turn. You should see the street I live on. It has asphalt and curves and occasional rabbits. You should see my closet. It has so much! You should see my church. It is so much! You should know my friends. They are so much. 75% of the world’s population doesn’t have the food they need, the health care they deserve, nor the opportunities they would prefer. I do. We do.

Take the wonder you have and subtract the wonder you don’t have and see if the remainder is still not in the surplus zone. How can that be? Wonder….God’s provisionary wonder! Don’t you love right now?

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jackie chesnutt said...

Terry, you are so right - God has surrounded us with more wonder than we can take in....if we'll just slow down long enough to take them in. The older I get, the more 'wonderfulness' there seems to be. Thanks for the reminder.

ps. Aren't you the guy whose house was broken into at Christmas years ago and the theives LEFT the gifts?