Thursday, March 13, 2008


I’ve already written one post for today. But this theme is tugging at my heart so strongly, I believe someone(s) are in need of it now.

Stress is a killing weed choking societal progress. It affects individuals who pass the negative gene along to their families which burdens school children leading to stifled learning which will ultimately discourage necessary ambition and vision for future leaders, inventors, administrators, and families. How shall we deal with this monster which invisibly terrorizes good men and women?

I’ve connected with some frustrating possibilities recently. I have established a rule with which to measure how deeply I want to acknowledge stress: if it isn’t bigger than 911 or a brain tumor it doesn’t get my attention more than a few minutes. I won’t allow it to go into my invisible satchel and carry it from room to room, from meeting to meeting, from agenda to agenda. My people and my own spirit cannot afford to let such a non-productive guest linger in the hallways of progressive success.


Stoogelover said...

As our mortuary business has picked up greatly, we are feeling the stress of being understaffed every day so we have to step back now and then and just get a grip on perspective. And it's not so much our stress as it is the stress our families try to place on us ... getting things done faster than things can get done when dealing with a county health department. Scheduling embalmers or "got to have it NOW" cremations. They just don't understand that everything has to go through a legal process of paperwork and permits and doctors don't help when they cannot be reached for signing off on death certificates.

Unknown said...

Sounds so easy when you say it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the circumstances), a woman's brain isn't 1-tracked, like a man's. We can't just put stressful cirmcumstances in a separate box and focus on something else. We tend to go on with necessary tasks WHILE we are still weighed down with stress. I would love to learn how to conquer it.