Sunday, March 30, 2008


The workshop is too much to describe in both emotion and information. I'm constantly reminded of wondering just how much can God possibly have going on when I hear not even a fragmentary percentage if his servants teach and tell of His works where they live. I was especially touched by Patrick Mead and Josh Graves' talk Thursday night.

My favorite sessions...the few I got to hear....were John Smith, Dusty Rush, and Rick Atchley. Names missing from the list doesn't mean they were not awesome; I just didn't get to hear so many of them.

There were some sessions I didn't care for and that seems to have taught me my most valuable lesson. I saw how much the crowd would love to hear the speakers simply preach the gospel and tell of the hope in Christ. Humor, when used properly, serves as oil to keep a message flowing. When used improperly, it oddly enough begins to rub. I saw the need to offer the audience the message of hope simply because it comes from the Word. When Christ is not preached, spirits sense they must be on some sort of fast. The spirits of our people hunger to be fed.

So here's what "we" learn. We never arrive. We never have it on totally straight. There's always room for both progress and improvement. That, to me, is exciting. I don't feel distraught over lack. It's the gigantic opportunity to get to keep learning!


Anonymous said...

So Terry, how many years is this for the Workshop? Who would have imagined the 20+ years ago?

Terry Rush said...

This was year 33!

Plan on bring a group for 34!

David U said...

Terry, I was not able to stay for the whole Workshop but the part I attended was GREAT!!! What a tremendous blessing to be encouraged by brothers and sisters who love the Lord!

Thanks for ALL you do to make this blessing happen. It was good to see you again.

I'll remind brother Pollard of his comments to you! :)