Monday, February 04, 2008


I received this note from my friend Keith Roberts early Sunday morning. I read it to the Memorial family. It broke our hearts.

Will you have the Memorial family pray for the child who sent me this email through our Ask The Preacher icon on our website. I don't know where he lives, but I answered him as best I could. We are praying.
"hi my name is Ronny i am 11 years old. the medicine they make me take makes me bald. my friends make fun of me and push me around. i got in trouble they took my cap and jacket and put into the creek at the bus stop. they spit on my head on the bus and the driver put me on report for changing seats while bus moving.
my dad wont get me more hats cause he says i am iresponcible and lose them. they took my science book and spaceshuttle model and threw over the brigde in the creek. is it true that i will go to jail or hell if i beat him up to make them stop? do they hit bald people in jail or hell? i know you probly wont answer cause you sound important and would be mad that i getting in trouble. i didnt used to tho. i dont like it at school anymre and i wish God would make them stop."
Thanks, Terry.
See you soon.


C said...

How sad! Where are his teachers?? I hope someone can help this child.

Terry Laudett said...

I'm praying for him. Please let him know that it is okay to resist evil. Bullies need to be resisted. I would like to recommend that parents read "No More Chickens, Jellyfish, or Wimps" by Paul Coughlin in order to teach children biblical courage and the ability to stand up to bullies and abusers.
Terry L.

jackie chesnutt said...

Terry, if you can get me the boy's address or someway to get them to him, I'll send him plenty of caps. Is that doable? Thanks.