Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Retaliation doesn't seem to fit the concept of living....normally. Yet, I think it does. If one is not careful life will be perceived more from the squeaky-wheeled obstacles than from the abundantly well-oiled opportunities.

We are now in day four of the ice storm. Signs of renewed power and warmth are in my neighborhood but not yet at my house. This week has reminded me of my grandparent's farmhouse which had no insulation and no heat for the upstairs bedrooms. There was a hole in the living room ceiling which dually served as the hole in the floor of one upstairs bedroom. The heat below rose slightly serving as some sort of heat for above. It wasn't much warmth for either room.

My grandmother would set irons on the top of the wood stove all evening. When it was bedtime she would wrap the irons in newspaper, place them beneath the covers at our feet and my brother and I would put our feet on the irons for warmth. The heat lasted 'til we feel asleep or froze to death...whichever came first.

This has been a week of inconvenience. Yet one must not do anything but attack life! It will present itself with times intending to drive us back. Life was created by God for great roar, awesome celebration, and profound glory. I cheer you on to take on life with a vengeance. Fight for it. Defend it. Live like it is one of the most exciting things ever invented!

We have people to love, purposes to fulfill, and opportunities to perceive. Don't miss the forest for the trash along the road. My trees are a disaster at the moment. By April they will be taking new and invigorated form. Plus....I was just needing more firewood.

Like right now before it gets away from you. I drove along our dark streets this morning and thanked God all the way to my coffee shop. He's done it again. He gave us another day and we will hit it with vengeance for all the good stuff buried in the center of it.


Matthew said...

I was writing about debate today, I think your posts adds to this.

Stoogelover said...
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