Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Numbers must matter. Not only is there a book by such a name, but God is constantly throwing this measurement in our face. What would Gideon's story be without numbers? How impacting would the beginning of the early church be if it was said in Acts 2:38ff, and no one was baptized but much and lasting good was done? Numbers inspire hearts and move the world.

Therefore, I urge you to recognize you are a part of the powerful numbers system of God. Our voices must be heard. The more voices the more power. We must combine our voice power to raise the volume regarding our great pleasure in God. We must continue to apply the pressure of pushing darkness out by increasing the "Light" talk.

If we have nothing graceful to say, then it's best we keep quiet that we not quench the spirits of others. However, the number of voices expressing full-steam the gratitude and appreciation for God's move and God's movers builds incredible momentum.

Words, words, words. Blah, blah, blah. Unless.......unless the words, words, words, are dynamite sticks of God blasting away at deadened hearts oblivious to their own possibilities. We need more voices to shout GRATITUDE and CONTENTMENT and APPRECIATION and HOPE to every one in our path whether it be note, blog, call, or personal conversation. Say so! May the church fill the land with Saying Power! Go out and tell it.....today.

And...don't forget to spread the word of yesterday's blog for Postage for Africa. Pass that one on!

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