Sunday, December 16, 2007


Our confidence is not in ourselves, but in the Spirit of Christ so says the writer in Second Corinthians chapter three. Confidence is a mighty word in the God-Scenario. Bigger yet, it's an amazing possession. The mere presence of it implies challenge. Who would need such if the stakes weren't high? Whether taking finals, applying for a job, or dealing with poor health we pretty well fare according to the confidence thermometer.

Our confidence is not in me nor in each other. It is in the Holy Spirit. Do you grasp how this tilts the playing our favor? The Spirit, from the very beginning, mastered in bringing order to chaos. Read Genesis chapter one. Chaos. Challenge. It is the Holy Spirit who brings order to our chaotic challenge. Read Titus 3:3ff. He lives in us to regenerate, re-energize, and renew. That's the job description of God's Spirit. We must step out of His way that He provide us the more impactive and efficient way.

What's our job description? Believe Him/Them. Believe God. Believe Jesus. Believe the Holy Spirit. We are advantaged when it dawns on us that we are disadvantaged. Only the Creative God would order life so ideally backward. I cheer you on today. Be confident in the Holy Spirit of God. He knows how to do what we wish we could....but feel so stumped as to where to begin. He begins.

Our job? To believe in Him a whole lot more than we trust our own aspiring genius.

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