Thursday, September 20, 2007


Why is it so many struggle with the answer to the above question; especially Americans? How is it we live in the most wealthy nation, but so many consider themselves living in poverty? And, why is it so many who are living well financially are brooding as if they live in attitudinal poverty?

I've lived in all of those zones and God set me free from it. He doesn't solve such conditions by developing Christian Pollyannas. He doesn't send every convert off to a Positive Thinking Rally. He simply ruined the stronghold of death. The Resurrection of Jesus is not a holiday in April. It is the standard for common living.

In every situation that wants to level the final blow to our hopes, we possess perfect confidence that we live in and with resurrection power. Nothing negative is permanent. Neither is anything injurious. Resurrection power can take death (and anything that leads up to it) and blow it to smithereens! Nothing can stand in our way!

This does not make us tyrannical citizens. We don't swagger our way through Wal-Mart with a daring chip on our shoulder antsy for a good quarrel. Rather, we are confident that every moment is life-loaded. Easter Sunday is not a's every day to the Christian. Therefore, dismiss your cemetery thinking. That's a dead concept. Develop resurrection thinking. That's the way to live. And....the outlook is so good.

We don't approach life positively; we approach it faithfully. There is a difference. Sometimes the former is canned. The latter dares the dark enemy to bring it on, because even the dooming days of death have been shattered by the Leader who broke from the grave so we could break from ours day by day and moment by moment.

Read the Book. We win...Romans 8:37!


Anonymous said...

Do we truly believe what we read? We say we trust, believe, have faith - but is what we say really alive deep within us? Billye

Liz Moore said...

Even in the darkest of days, to know that God is my father and I am His child keeps me going. Events in life can sometimes be really tough to handle, but as long as we remember whose we are, nothing can keep us down. Because you are so right... We Win!!

Brenda said...

YAY TERRY! Great post. I was quite disappointed thinking you weren't going to be posting for the next day or so and then you put this up! Love it! Love you!

bigwhitehat said...

People constantly tell me how hard my life is and ask how I cope. For the life of me I can't really answer that question intelligently.

Saying that things will be okay is just not good enough for folks with troubles. Their optimism has to be based on more.

I have to literally stop and count my blessings. When I consider some of the obstacles in the past, the ones in front of me don't look so bad.

Stoogelover said...

Yes, we win! But Paul never drove in Los Angeles traffic! But I still keep a good outlook for exactly the reasons you gave. As usual, a wonderful reminder from the most positive guy I've ever known.

jackie chesnutt said...

Terry, you will never know how honored Mackie and I feel that you and Mary were a very special part of our 30th anniversary surprise (shocked) day. Wow! Thank you, for coming, for your friendship, for your example and for your devotion to our God. I love you.