Wednesday, July 18, 2007


When you talk with God, how does the conversation go? Do you talk to Him or at Him? Is He your Father who cares or your Waiter who takes your order? Are you faithful to pray (saying words) or faithful to God (connecting in heart)? Because God is so Wonder-Full I believe myself to just be learning about such dialog between the human and the Divine.

I'm growing more in telling Him of His awesome attributes than I spend giving Him my wish list. I applaud Him for His unspeakable character and for the tiny and extravagant matters in life like a rabbit crossing in front of my car on my way to work. Most likely the most repeated words I use are Thank You. I would be lost without Him; not just eternally, but in ability, power, skill, leadership, friendship, etc. To be disconnected from God would leave me totally unplugged from life. I can't think of a sermon or blog, I can't serve in ministry, I can't bring about one ounce of creativity, unless He supplies my every need. I am dependent upon Him to breathe.

Much of our communication is me being still and listening. Often in the car I will think toward Him without uttering a word. I listen for Him to speak. And just how does He sound? I never hear from God audibly. I don't know how to describe it except to say He "makes me aware". I think about Him when I wake up and it's often in those first few minutes something from Heaven falls from the sky and into my mind. Increasingly, what I had regarded as my thoughts are turning out to be His thoughts. He does give us input and direction when we seek it. We do hear from Him. We do partner with the Living God.

God will speak through a song of perfect timing, an event the eye is able to note, a reminder which comes to mind. When I am with another person, let's say for coffee, I intentionally listen for God to speak through him or her. They usually don't know I'm using such radar, but will often interrupt as I scramble for pen and paper to jot a note before I forget.

I encourage you about your Master. He is one of fellowship. Be encouraged to move from the business of being spiritual to the relationship of being Friend to friend. He surely takes a beating in heart as much of creation refuses to acknowledge Him. We must increase our outpouring of gratitude for He surely is the Marvelous, True, Ecstatic, Incomprehensible, Living Lord.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully spoken. I felt HIS presence as I continued to read your words. You have a blessed day.
luv ya today,

Anonymous said...

I'ave felt his presence also through a song. It sent cold chills up my spine. I had just been badgering myself as I drove home for lunch one day, and when I heard that song, it changed my life! He knows what I'm doing and that I belong to him! He comforted me! and let me know I'm on TRACK!

Stoogelover said...

For years I longed for so much more than what could be passed off as "coincidence" ... but I'm learning the "so much more" is already available! I was just not tuned it.

Liz Moore said...

I thank God for your love for Him and for you allowing Him to always speak through you in such an incredible way. Love you!