Saturday, July 14, 2007


My good friend, Marvin Phillips, has been very ill. Due to an infection which was attacking his replaced heart valve, he was hospitalized about three weeks ago for six days and is confined to his rocker and "no travel", "no preach" for two more months. This is killin' him!

I went to see him and Dot yesterday. I love this couple. Marvin looks good, is getting stronger, yet has a ways to go. This man of notorious energy has lost several pounds and is quite weak. He walked 10 minutes Thursday which was five more than his previous adventure.

He's shootin' up drugs right and left......and enjoying getting to tell me so! He has excellent doctors and is on schedule to completely recover. In the meantime, he has some slow, slow clock hours to sit at home and watch The Price Is Right.

I ask you to use today's blog to leave Marvin and Dot notes of love and encouragement. I'll pass them on and I believe they'll serve as God's kind of medication to spark even quicker recovery.

If you don't mind, at the conclusion of you note, sign your name and include the city as this might make it more personalized for them.


DJT said...

I can't wait to hear Marvin again. I heard him at Workshop and walked away saying WOW!!

The energy is a very clear example of Colossians 1:29 'To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.'

Marvin, thank you for allowing yourself to be one of God's heroes. Get well!!

Anonymous said...


I first heard you speak at the Tulsa Workshop in 1994 -- what a blessing you have been to me and my ministry ever since!

I pray that you will continue to get stronger and will soon be preaching again -- blessing others the way you have blessed me.

Grace and Peace, Bro.

Jeff Slater
Ashland, Ohio

Terry Laudett said...


When my mother came back to Christ about 14 years ago, she needed a preacher like you to keep encouraging her. Your ministry at the Garnett Church of Christ made a great difference. A few years later, she moved to Arkansas, but she continues to live as a devoted Christian today. Thank you for what you have done in her life and in the lives of countless others over the years. I hope you are well soon, and able to do everything that you want to do.

Terry Laudett, Glenpool, Oklahoma

dagwud said...

It's been a long time since I got to hear/see you Marvin. But my buddy John Dobbs keeps me up on the news. Dot, I'm not just kissing up to my wife when I see that a preacher is only as good as his wife. God bless both of you!

Richard May
Yukon, OK

Anonymous said...


Shelley and I love you a whole bunch. Get well soon and get back to work. The kingdom needs you.

Brad and Shelley Giddens
Idabel, OK

Brenda said...

I went through some papers my mom had given me and one was a card you had sent her the day I was born. You watched me grow, even as I screamed while my daddy had to take me out for a bit of a "time out". And I kept looking through this stack and there was a picture of me and you when I graduated high school.
Not once in all those years do I ever remember you being ill. I'm sure there wre times, and I'm sure we prayed for you, I just remember you being the super preacher. I now look forward to all those times I get to hear you speak at other events and especially getting to hug your neck each year at the workshop.
I pray that God brings you great strength with healing and that you will be up in no time doing exactly what you do best. Spreading the word of the Lord.

Love and prayers,
Brenda Hughes (Kennon)
Tulsa, OK
P.S. And if it makes you feel any better, you can always tell Terry Rush that you knew me first!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

We went to Tulsa the first time in 1976 or 77. Have gone all but about 3 yrs. since then. We have loved hearing you there, different places... even in tiny Enfield, IL, and have been amazed at your energy. We hope you are soon back on your feet and able to continue the wonderful work you do so well. There is no one we look up to more.
Russell and Sherry McNalty
McLeansboro, IL

Anonymous said...

Marvin, Mackie and I have so many great memories of time spend with you. I'll shake this old head around and see if I can rattle some of them loose:

1) The year before the workshop began, a group from Deer Park, TX loaded onto a bus to hear you preach in Houston.

2) A group from Deer Park made the trip to the first workshop and we have never been the same.

3) We invited you to Deer Park to speak afterward and in our living room you encouraged us to take the bus minster's job in Rogers, Ar.

4) Thanks to you, Mackie was invited to speak at the workshop for several years.

5) While seving in various ministry roles, I made many trips to Tulsa for many church-related activities - your lessons were the high points of our trips. I have so many great memories of you, C.D. Davis, Ron & Georgia S., Jerome, Dennie and many others.

6) After Mackie opened the first Tea Room in Rogers, you brought your 'bikers' over for lunch. We still laugh at the memory of one of our waitresses running to Mackie and saying, "A motorcyle gang just pulled in."

7) Your leadership and example have had a tremendous impact on my ministry - probably more than anyone. I've quoted you many, many times - and some of those quotes you actually made!!!

8) Mackie is doing ok, she still has to 'budget' her energy. She sends her love, as I do. All the folks from the Southside congregation wish you the very best.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Marvin and Dot - I remember meeting you for the first time in Quincy, Ill. when you came to help us with the work there. You guys have always been great encouragers to Terry and I and a sweet blessing in our lives. I pray for both of you to have restored health
and many more years in the kingdom.
Love. Mary Rush

drjimwhite said...

I don't know that I have ever met you, but I have heard you speak many times at the Tulsa Workshop. Every year as I received my schedule, I would look to see when Marvin Phillips was speaking because I knew I would be encouraged and blessed. Your influence has reached down through the years into lives of those you have never met. It reminds me of the verses in Judges, "The people served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had seen all the great things the Lord had done for Israel." So it is with you. Your influence continues to flow deeply into the hearts of many. Get well so I can hear you at Tulsa again. Jim White, Omaha, NE

Anonymous said...

Marvin and Nanny!
Thanks for the superb time at your house today! I love hanging out with ya'll, and you encourage me tremendously! I'm praying for ya'll. I'll have to come over while you're mainlining again sometime soon Marvin. Nanny, you have THE best sweet tea I've ever had! loads of love!
Dave Skidmore

Anonymous said...

Marvin and a couple I want to be clear on what you mean to me...I used to go to Garnett with my family just to hear and see the excitement that was going on...I still remember that song service and riding the JOY bus so my dad could learn and implement those buses at our home congregation. You Terry and Wade have moved me to look at the Bible as it was written....FOR EVERYONE...Thanks and if I could I would have you out on a backhoe moving dirt and tearing up the landscape...just to hear you laugh...Praying for you to recover faster then you even think you will....

Richard Reynolds
Joplin Missouri

Stoogelover said...

Marvin: I remember several years ago having just a few moments alone with you in conversation. You didn't know me, but in that few moments, you were of great encouragement to me, a young preacher. Many of us out there are better people because of you!!

Greg England
Formerly of Long Beach Church (CA) for 13+ years.
Presently of England Family Mortuary (Temecula, CA) probably until I require our services.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marvin!! This is Ali McIlroy!
I was just checkin in to say hello, and tell you that my family and I have been and are continuing to pray for you. And no.. I am not married yet...
Best wishes!

Liz Moore said...


You have always been such an inspiring preacher. You get so fired about God, it's contagious! The 1st time I heard you was 10 years ago at the Tulsa Workshop. I have been back every year and my life has been forever changed. You are a blessing to all those who hear you and come in contact with you. I pray that God will bless you soon with better health. We all eagerly await your return to the pulpit.

Liz Moore
Mesquite, TX

Anonymous said...

We love you Marvin. Get well soon and remember what you taught us:
GOD IS GOOD (all the time) and all the time, GOD IS GOOD!

You have blessed our Ministry often.

In His Will,
Lynn Stringfellow
CIA Tampa

Kyler Erwin said...

Hey Marvin and Dot!

I'm praying for both of you. Marvin I'm praying for a quick recovery and a continued blessing on your ministry. Dot I'm praying you'll be able to stand being around Marvin that much. Haha. Just kidding. I really miss you two. I hopefully be seeing you both in August. Next time you talk to Kent tell him he's in my prayers too. Love you both.