Sunday, July 29, 2007


I've been at this role in the Kingdom for awhile. Finding myself now among the older ministers, I continue to discover one great truth: as one ages one doesn't close in on understanding God. Research fascinates me. In medical research each discovery opens more to wonder about. Whether space or agriculture or education, the new and marvelous arise. Just this week our janitorial service trained our guy in new technology!

So it is with the Creator of all. God is beyond mind. Understanding flees at the same time it hopes. He said He is able to do more than we can imagine or think. As our imaginations grow, God seems to increase our awareness of His unfathomability.

The good news is we've such a long way to go. This truth leaves us wonderfully in need of the over-talked and under-achieved love. There simply is no room for our boasting and bragging about how much we know and how effective we think we've become. We are nothing more than sculptured dust. We count for nothing unless the Living God chooses to place His Spirit in our carcass and carry out His work. If He isn't in, we are over. Caput.

The good news is we can each park our high horse at the watering hole and descend from our assumed importance. When asked about her fame, Mother Teresa is reportedly to have said, Do you think that when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and palm leaves were being placed in his path that the ass Jesus was riding really thought the applause was for himself?

We know good things; marvelous truths. We experience envied events. We fellowship celebrated and honorable individuals. Yet we are so far from being close to what He intended, all we can do is love one another with gratitude while we count our losing of ground as good news.

God is our good news!

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Liz Moore said...

A hearty AMEN!! That's what I love about being a child of God... there is always something greater and grander just waiting for us around the next corner! God is so Good!! love ya!