Friday, April 27, 2007


Earth jets on a trek around the sun at a speed of 18.55 miles per second while the Sun, Earth, and Solar System whirl around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It takes our Sun 225 million years to circle the center of our Galaxy. To put this in perspective, the officer giving you a ticket for going 35 in a 25 mph school zone is traveling at a speed of 66,000+ miles per hour while he's writing his report. Doesn't seem right, does it?

How can earth travel so fast yet not make the trees bend (at least the leaves leave the trees) and
the water fly off from it's surface? God has it perfectly organized and controlled. The size of the process is so huge human sensation cannot keep up with measurement. We don't "feel" earth nor galaxy traveling.....even slightly. Our radar does not pick it up even when we are intricately involved.

So it is with the kingdom. Our efforts, compared to God's enormous call, seem to leave us standing still with nothing happening. But that's a misread. I suggest to you our sensations cannot pick up on the size of God's enormous involvement where we live. This encouraging factor should propel us into deeper faith that much is rapidly beneficial and effective, even on the days when we "feel" nothing is happening. You and I and Earth have traveled approximately 742 miles through space since the time you began reading this article (Do you need to stop and go fix your hair from being windblown?). Individuals and nations have been marvelously blessed because of the gigantic size of His invisible kingdom due to your works coupled with a host of dead saints whose faith still bears fruit, alive believers, angelic hosts, and Holy Spirit combined productivity.....and it continues.

It is God who said He would do in us more than our mind could imagine. It is God who noted we are to possess a joy which cannot be expressed. It is God who has always claimed His ways and thoughts to be higher than ours. Therefore, don't look to your lacking radar to measure how you are doing in ministry. Go stand in the hallway and try to detect just have fast it is you are soaring through space at that moment.....and then believe you are also moving very well in the Kingdom of God.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift (II Cor. 9:15)! Even His gift of grace cannot be described by renouned describers! Co-laboring with God is so incredibly awesome all we can do is yield our radar measuring equipment to "Huh?" and "Wow!"


Stoogelover said...

This may be one of your best blogs to date, Terry. And that's saying a lot considering how good your blogs are. Thanks, again, for the encouragement!

Heather said...

Inspiring... encouraging... FREEING! Thank you for the reminder of joy and present Hope we have in His Awesomeness!

Matt said...

742 miles? I guess I will never have to exercise ever again! I should be tremendously fit by now.