Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yesterday was a day of catching up on emails (79) while I was out and, simultaneously, listening to the upgraded reports of the tragic campus shootings in Virginia. One of the emails requested I quit using Jeff Walling, Rick Atchley, and Max Lucado on the workshop due to their unscriptural stances; especially in the realm of instrumental music. My response to the inquiring preacher was succinct in expressing gratitude for these three men who fearlessly refrain from tickling the ears of the traditionalists....and my full intent to capitalize upon their powerful, effective, and "hopeful in Christ" preaching.

Surely we all know Jeff, Rick, Max, the inquiry preacher, and I have enough personal glitches about us that God calls them sin and Jesus was beaten as a dog because of each of us. Surely we know there is need in every man to be transformed again today as if we had never met God before.

What this does is reminds us to spend our meager time on this earth giving off light and life to a world which comes tumbling down. Does anyone think the families of the 30+ dead really care about who I put on the workshop program? Do you really believe the question at the morgue is, Was she a cappella?

As was initially true in the early Garden remains true today: distraction is a satanic scheme. Keep your eyes focused on Kingdom Life issues and refuse to become distracted by nagging and whining issues which matter little in the overall scheme of men and women dying without having heard the name of Jesus.

Blessings as you keep building Life in others. This matters!


drjimwhite said...

Once again, Terry, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your level headed thinking and love for Jesus. JW

craig said...

May the Name of our great and glorious Father be praised. May our cries for the lost and hurting reach His ears today and through the years to come as the cries of the Hebrews did in Egypt. And may the pain remind us who has the ability to save. Perhaps the message proclaimed by our Amish brothers in the face of such tragedy speak with power now.


Stoogelover said...

Rush, as a funeral director who deals with death on almost a daily level, I can assure you THE single most important issue to a grieving family is whether I stand on instrumental music! (Sarcasm intended)

Well stated ... as usual!

Danna said...


My brother you are soooo right! As a minister I am personaly exhausted and fed up with brotherhood issues. When did we become a group that stopped caring about lost, dying people and become all about making sure we get everything right? The last time I looked Jesus was the only one who was perfect. The world would be different if we used the same energy fighting issues with people to reach out to the lost. I love you brother and keep up the great work!
Because Jesus is LORD! Shannon

Bryan said...

Thanks for the great words. It saddens me to think that we are still fighting such petty battles.

Brent said...

As a fellow preacher, and long time aquaintance of yours, we have lost sight of the message....Jesus and Him crucified. People are looking for new wisdom and insight, yet God took a foolish message to save those who believe...Jesus and Him crucified.
May He always be glorified in our preaching!
Brent Newton

Tim said...

Terry - well said! ...and May God grant a special measure of His grace on the families devastated by this senseless tragedy.

With regard to your comments on and defense of three very Godly men, I am reminded of how blessed my family is to have been liberated from the legalistic and meaningless arguments of our past...

With respect to 'stuff that matters', I am reminded of an unbelievable song written and performed by Mark Hall with Casting Crowns:

"If we are the Body...
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?

If we are the Body...
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing them there is a way?"

You are right... not one of those grieving parents care anything about our stance on this 'brotherhood issue' or that 'hot button cultural issue'... they know only that we care... or that we don't...

May God Bless us as we continue to be life and light... especially to those who are hurting.

Tim Martin

k2 said...

great comment tim. that is one of my favorite songs. it convicts me every time i hear it.

awesome post, rush. i am here at stream franklin, and jeff did an awesome job last night at the first session. he reminded us that we are always on holy ground and He is always here with us. we are the ones who leave.

i love what those guys you mentioned have done. they have us really thinking about what we believe, and why we believe it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Jeff Walling and others of his stripe have carved out for themselves a following of instrumental music lovers. Without the instrument, Walling's message would would be feel good, ear tickling, tripe. And still their followers would move on to other churches where they could enjoy their beloved instrument.

Anonymous said...

Terry as usual you are right. I look forward to hearing Jeff and Rick each year at the workshop. Max Lucado writes some of themost thought prvoking books based on scripture ever written. I wish he could be at the workshop on a more regular basis.