Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm past the stage of believing the main event of Sunday gatherings is the sermon. God is the main event. At Memorial we pray for Him to gather with us and participate with us. We expect it of Him and He does. The singing, the praying, the preaching, and.....even the announcements are a part of our giving Him united communitorial glory.

But men, when it is our turn to speak, are we putting out a message from God? Or, are we merely taking up the time. Are we found pouring out from our hearts what He has poured in through prayer, study, and experience? Or, are we presenting three and four tidy points with a starter joke?

We must speak, preach, and exert life from God's pulpits. We must have Holy Spirit words to share. While the most of us find our speech based in the form of English, God's Spirit translates such wording into heart-talk that even the speaker doesn't realize he just said. I encourage you to check the following:
  • Are you anticipating He will share ideas and concepts with you during the week? Or, are you stuck with digging out the good stuff on your own?
  • Are you most certain He is working alongside you to reach to His flock with a message of hope? Or, are you believing you are lonely and stranded behind that solitary podium?
  • Are you praying as to how good you will do? Or, are you praying for a message from Him?
  • Are you really aware the sermon isn't about us. It's about Him meeting them and them believing they've heard from Him.
  • Are you speaking in simplicity? Or, are you mesmerized by your growing vocabulary which has little bearing (as a matter of fact it distracts) on His call to the hearts of the moment?
  • Are you anticipating your audience will walk away having their faith shored up? Or, is your goal to have them tell you, That was a fine lesson, Sonny-boy?

Don't ever lose sight, preaching friend. We get to do one of the most amazing works on earth. If such a role for you has grown cold and numb over the years, I cheer you on to evaluate the ideas above. It could be we've let a few of the fundamentals slip. If so, don't hesitate to believe new life can spring from old and collapsed wells. Rebuild, my friend. Rebuild. You have great work to do. You are a preaching well from for business!


Anonymous said...

For those of you that do not live in Tulsa, or only know Terry from the Workshop and now his blog - I worked beside him for four years as his secretary. I have known him for almost 20 years. I can attest that he lives daily what he preaches at Memorial, speaks at Workshops, and now shares on his blog.

Terry - I continue to tell you how amazed I am that you never waiver from letting it be all about God and allowing HIM to work through you. What an encourager you are for so many.

Love you today,

Anonymous said...

Terry, I appreciate the words of this blog.

Unfortunately, I have made mistakes in my life from believing the power was in my choice of words or sermon topic.

I recall one Sunday morning, to emphasize your point, in which I felt the congregation would be better off if I cut my sermon short and sat down. I was sick, couldn't hardly speak. My head hurt, my sinuses were stopped up. I felt terrible; but, for some reason I kept going.

As we were singing our invitation song, God was singing his and an elderly man responded. He said he had been out of fellowship with God for over 40 years and wanted to come home.

Two people responded that morning; the one who came forward and the one who took his confession. He sought forgiveness for walking away, I sought it for ascending to the throne.

As ashamed to share it as I am, it was a tremendous lesson for me.

I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.