Friday, April 06, 2007


Some are uncomfortable with my work because they feel I'm too liberal. Others complain I am too conservative. When the workshop program becomes public, I am the recipient of both charges.

"Liberal" and "Conservative" are comparative terms. The targeted individual or decision has to be compared to a standard of some sort to make the term stick. Church leaders (including me) hand out these words like greeters hand out the Sunday bulletin....every person ought to have one.

However, to dispense such labels is anti-scriptural. The comparison factor sinks the ship. For we are not bold to class or compare ourselves with some of those who commend themselves; but when they measure themselves by themselves, and compare themselves with themselves, they are without understanding (II Cor. 10:12).

Comparing one against another is ignorant. God is so versatile He can and does use both. Comparison insinuates we all should look the same, believe the same, act the same, and like the same things; then the liberal and conservative tabs would disappear. Yet, God doesn't work from communism. He works from the lavishly creative and expansive lab of differences and assortments.

We must grow to be proud of the congregations who don't do programs the way we do. We can become enthused when a church doesn't want to use but one cup during communion, yet builds three houses for their neighbors. We will do well to praise our friends who use instrumental music while others opt to focus upon small groups which have no singing at all.

Liberal or Conservative? Celebrate the truth that everyone who reads this page is both about many things! Why am I labeled Liberal by some and Conservative by others regarding the same effort? Because I am....if one uses the unscriptural method of comparison.


Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend,
Those labels are not nearly as important to you and I as they used to be!!

I always look back to the time we had Leroy Garrett at Memorial. I was so impressed by his gentle spirit about these things. It has taken me a while to fully understand why he was so calm.

God is so much bigger than we are.

Terry Rush said...

Hey Darrel,

Regarding your comment, isn't that the truth?

Cardinals at Astros tonight. Do something to give my slow starters a boost! They've been a little "LIBERAL" with issuing runs, but a little "CONSERVATIVE" as to how many they score.

Good hearing from you!

Liz Moore said...

I have found that when my focus is on Jesus, the cross and glorifying Him, that most of the other "stuff" doesn't matter near so much. Thanks for the reminder that we should be looking for the good churches are doing and not looking for things to label them by. Have a great weekend! Love ya!

Shawn said...

Terry, you have nailed it again today. If we use these categories (conservative and liberal) then what is our standard. I have watched churches as they have tried to become more like one of these words and less like the other and their moves were fruitless because their eyes were not on Jesus. THank you for reminding us to focus on the right standard.


Anonymous said...

These are good thoughts and good responses. I appreciate your openness to talk about hard issues.

Heather said...

Amen, Amen.
You continually teach in the truth you live. Thank you!

David U said...

Great insights Terry! We need to hear Rodney King again......."why can't we all just get-along?"