Monday, March 05, 2007


Wade Hodges and I swap pulpits each March as we build workshop steam. Yesterday was it. I love being with Garnett. They have been such an inspiring congregation over the years. The thing I like most about them is they are not angels living three feet above ground. They are normal! They praise, they cry, and sometimes they are like the rest of us...they squabble. Nonethless, in their "realness" they are so awesome.

Garnett has been through a few rough spots over the years, but they are back and on track. I see great things continuing to come from this place. Wade is for real. I really like him and believe in him. Greg Taylor is phenomenal. He is a great part of the Garnett glue. And my friend Shawn Mayes is to be saluted for his time spent leading their praise team when his heart is over here with Memorial.....he is "ours!" I loved yesterday! I believe Garnett is being blessed by the Holy Spirit.

You have an assignment, dear reader. Let's be a cloud of witnesses to the faith we share with and in Garnett. Garnett has meant much to many of us. Share today what you would like Garnett to hear: words which you cheer them on.

Finish the sentence: Wade, Greg, Shawn, and church, we believe in you today because......


Shawn said...

T Rush:
You did such a magnificent job yesterday. Thank you for the way that you are able to love , encourage, remind, and challenge all at the same time. You are gifted in so many ways but I think an extra amount in the area of words of encouragement. I love you brother and look forward to some Rush family time soon.


Liz Moore said...

Wade, Greg, Shawn, and church, we believe in you today because......

Because you are so diligently serving Him. We have been going to the workshop for the past 11 years. We have seen a lot of the turmoil that Satan has thrown Garnett's way. Although we did not experience it first hand, we have experienced enough on our own to know some of the struggles you have faced. God is using you all in awesome ways to rebuild His church meeting at Garnett. May God continue to bless you and your family at Garnett. And may He continue to use you for marvelous things for His Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

....because you are taking an extreme risk in what you are trying to accomplish at Garnett and have stayed the course in the face of widespread criticism. Few have that ability, especially in the context of a church like Garnett and its "brotherhood wide" reputation. I believe in you and am behind you and know God will continue to accomplish something great through all of you.

Wade said...

Terry--the sermon you wrote for me seemed to go over well at Memorial yesterday. What a great church full of loving people. Thanks for being a source of true encouragement.

Stoogelover said...

... because we've been down the same road and found Christ to be faithful in every way. Our church has lost over half its membership over the past dozen years, but the spirit and the joy is unmistakably better and God is not finished with us. That you are faithful through the struggle is encouraging to all of us.

Reminds me of a story where a preacher was ecstatic over a weekend revival ... the best revival that church had ever experienced. When asked how many people joined the church, he replied, "None, we lost 500 people!"

Sometimes we grow down so we can grow up.

Monk-in-Training said...

I have met Wade also, a very cool guy.

Jeanne said...

Wade, Greg, Shawn, and church, we believe in you today because you have Jesus vision. You see beyond the walls of a building, you see beyond the reputation and "glory" of a church and refuse to just be content to ride the coattails of its history. You are taking the gospel to the people. Not by just inviting them to church, but by being the church and going to them. We love you guys and pray over you unceasingly.

Shawn... my good friend Carol tells me that we can say you are ours all we want, but they are claiming you now! Thanks for everything you are doing there. We love you so much and I'm willing to wrestle her for ya! I think I can take her!!!!

Terry... all my Garnett friends at work found me today to tell me how much they loved you and were encouraged by you yesterday. Thanks for taking a hug from God to Garnett and delivering it personally to them! love ya!

Clint said...

I believe in Wade, Greg, and Shawn because I know their servant hearts so well. I have many years logged of friendship with them and their families. My spiritual life has been incredibly blessed through those times.

I love their collective talents, teamwork, genuineness, dedication and faithfulness. I am excited to watch Garnett Church and the way God will use them in the coming years.

Wade, sorry I missed your preaching Sunday at Memorial. I'm glad the sermon Terry wrote for you went over so well.

David U said...

I believe in them because I know WHOSE they are, and who has their heart! It's the same one that has captured the heart of Terry Rush!

They live to glorify God, and his son our Savior.

And I am encouraged by ALL of you, and Clint Davis also!!! :)