Friday, November 10, 2006

What do we do?

Last night I got one of those dreaded calls. A sixty-one year old man who attends Memorial became despondent over a property-line dispute. He shot three of his neighbors and then himself. All four died. His daughter, dear to this church, and is in my small group. We just baptized her mother last month.

Upon receiving the call, I drove to the church to catch any elders who might be there. During the short drive over I found myself praying. It was an unscheduled time for God and me to meet, once again. And, here's what we discussed.

I thanked Him. I thanked Him for being God and thanked Him that we weren't. I thanked Him for understanding when our frail minds couldn't grasp the English words we were just now hearing. I thanked Him for His glory, His beauty, His quickness, His patience and long-suffering. I let Him know that in the center of devastating news that He remains the Beauty of the World. I thanked Him for the successful work He and Jesus and the Spirit did at the cross and through the grave.

As I continued to praise Him, I asked Him if he would develop this tragedy as a backdrop for the diamond-beauty of faith to shine ever so brightly in our lives.

When news hits us so starkly it feels that someone has darted off with our oxygen tank, it is always a right thing to praise the Living God for His extreme loveliness and presence....Phil. 4:4-9.

That's one thing we can do.


Liz Moore said...

I am so sorry for the losses that will affect so many people. I pray they will all be able to continue to praise and thank God and to see His hand at work. May His light continue to shine forth.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Terry. When we don't know what to do...we pray and thank God for all that He does do. I think sometimes that is so much easier said than done since I am one to run to God when I'm hurting asking "why, why, why?". I think that the right thing that He wants to do is give Him praise in every situation and for us to realize that He is the God of all power, freedom, love, power, etc. and through Him....all things are possible.
My heart hurts so much for this situation and this family right now. It would be easy to question it, but when in fact, we need to thank Him most of all for taking all this upon His shoulders. I know he is much bigger than I and I do thank Him that He can handle it. Now I pray to Him to give strength and wisom to those who can't.

JD said...

Those are really tough times in working with people ... so much could have been avoided with some communication and prayer and hope ... now all gone for four people. Heartbreaking. I pray that God used you in an unwinable situation to show His power to overcome the grief that our Enemy creates in our lives.

Angie said...

Well said, JD... so I'll just echo that.

Praying for all in the aftermath.

dagwud said...

I wasn't aware until I saw your post about the connection with Memorial. Living in Yukon, we've followed the story. Now we know a little more specifically about what we can pray for.

BTW, always happy to comment after my buddy JD. Thanks for the friendship you've shared with him.

Bev Ross said...

I am praying. So sorry to hear about the tragedy.