Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Fiery Friday...AGAIN!!!!!

I'm back from a long Thanksgiving break just in time to write a new blog on "FRIDAY"!!!!! So, let's toss some Fiery Friday gasoline on some good works God has going.

Let's comment on congregations you find great delight in knowing about His work in them.

I salute:

THE SHANNON OAKS church with Jeff Jenkins. Their heart for people combined with courgage for God inspires me. I love that they endure from the cross all which might consume them and keep their drive for extending His kingdom.

THE UNIVERSITY CHURH OF CHRIST where Dusty is. Their leadership is committed to building a sweet family. This congregation is well on it's way to the excitement of watching God do things through His provision and protection which will bless some---well down the road----who have yet to be born.

THE GUADALAJARA CHURCH where Tim and Kim are. What a powerful work going on that does not possess the norm of success measurements. The numbers are few...but growing...the lifestyle (compared to mine) has it's challenges...but the Holy Spirit visits this work.

(And, I'll mention they have lost some financial support and are worthy of someone picking them up....soon.)

THE CROSSTOWN CHURCH OF CHRIST IN TULSA where Charlie Kymes preaches. The congregation was declining a few years ago and God has begun to rebuild right where they live. Their humility, their stability, and their simple devotion to stick with Him is bearing the fruit of joy in the land.

THE RICHLAND HILLS CHURCH OF CHRIST hasn't reached it's size by playing church in neutral. This is a prayer-based, vision-oriented group whose drive seems to be two things: The Cross of Christ and the outlandish hope of reaching the lost. Rick Atchley.....good leadership from you and those who partner with you!

Toss some gasoline on a few churches you'd like to see continually fired up!


Anonymous said...

I would have to give a thumbs up to our home congregation Highland Oaks Church of Christ in Dallas. As part of our Imagine Campaign, they have planted The Way of Life Church of Christ in East Hollywood, CA right in the middle of where one of the FBI's most notorious gangs are located. They are doing great work there. They are also involved in the Genesis Alliance which is training and equipping Hispanic ministers to plant churches in the Metroplex and beyond.

I would also like to give a thumbs up to Memorial Drive and Garnett in Tulsa for all the work they do every year to bring thousands of Christians together for the Tulsa Workshop. It's one of the highlights of my year.

tim rush said...

Amherst Church of Christ in Amherst, Texas. Their numbers seem small, 75-85 (and growing)until you consider the size of the town, 750 (and shrinking). What a wonderful, loving family of Christ.

JD said...

Amen to Conway, Arkansas ... University church has been a sure and steady partner for us in recovery...and we are so grateful for their Jesus-like concern.

My hat is off to the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola. Staggering from a split, their spirit has now returned and they are gaining momentum in reaching their city. Danny Dodd at the helm, with a great staff and dedicated elders.

Terry Rush said...

Thanks Liz, Tim, and John,

There is such power going on among us....and you draw attention to matters of which I knew nothing. Such reports are on the spark of the forest fire God already has burning among us!

Thanks for your input...and gasoline!

Sara Renee said...

Hi I'm Sara (25 yrs old) and I was reading your blog because I want to find a group of Christ believers in Guadalajara - and I saw that some people you know in Guadalajara have some type of ministry... I wondered if you could give me more info or the location. I just moved there to teach English and am looking for some young people that have relationships with Jesus. Anyway, my email is sararenee40 at yahoo. Thanks in advance :)