Wednesday, September 06, 2017


When you read such a title, do you get the impression that you are being called to go somewhere?  That you are being summoned to move; to be on the move to get to another destination?  Yet, what if...what is a call to the opposite?  What if this is a motion to be present....where you, like in trying to be alert to the wonder of the moment?

That's precisely the intended call.

Have you ever been talking to one across a table and, while they were facing you, you sensed their minds were off in another world?  (Sorry men.)  This is the tendency of daily mankindness; ever wandering off into another moment of past conversation or another future event while seldom present for the here and now.  This is a blatant waste of yourself.

Why would you imagine and dream for improvement if you know that you will not give attention to the destined accomplishment of which you had envisioned because, when you get there, your mind will be off attending to another moment; past or future?   This would be the way I lived for decades.  Seldom did I treasure the moment for I was imaginarily engaged in other moments.

Should we be appreciative of the glory found in recall?  And wouldn't we want to be visionaries of what can be?  Of course.  Of course.  Of course.

However, living in the past and future without noting the profound blessings of the now is to miss out on a part of the strongest fabric of living.  Try to experience now.  It seems Jesus was continually calling the disciples into the moment.  See the lilies of the field.  Note the grass.

Our days are not trouble free, admittedly.  But to listen to some, one could conclude that they must be blessing free (meaning they have no blessings).  They are not.  Our days are full of riches, and glory, and thrill, and joy.  Let your mind dwell on the multiple things going right.  Fill your hearts with appreciation for what

Wouldn't it be quite an accomplishment for many of us to stop the chatter, close our ears to the whining, and take note of the privilege of being kind of right now?  The truth could be that often the glory of God's grace is knocking at our door...but we aren't home.  Instead we are out roaming around in the maze of elsewhere, all the while forgetting to live in the present.

Try to be here.

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