Friday, October 28, 2016


There is an element, maybe an ideology, that seems to really bugs (pest) us.  Like a gnat or even a buzzing fly, there is a constant among us that causes us to wish we could take just one good swat and bring that annoyance to an end...for good.  I speak of simply learning to be content.

I've learned to break much of my daily frustration that comes about...always comes about...when things don't go the way I had planned.  Being content can hit the mind as something negative; like in lazy or lethargic or status quo.  It could appear at first-light, I would guess, to lack motivation and energy.  Yet, such is far from the truth.

To be content would include liking who you are and where you are because you carry a deep conviction that God is in the lead; not nervous, cautious, critical self.  To lack the ability to like right now carries an undermining threat of getting in the way; getting in the way of the Spirit's leadership for we have set out to stir life from our own feebility.

To be content is to accept the day that unfolds whether with friend or encountering a foe.  Circumstances are not our boss.  Neither are associates radical moods. Contentment in the Spirit is...profoundly so.  Pay raise or cut, success or failure, victory or defeat, we do not flinch.  Compliment or criticism...both fit our walk and we will learn to be....quite content.

From the Word of God provided by the Spirit of wisdom, one of the greatest of His features is that He gives us the very best pest control known to the mind of man; contentment in all settings.  Drive and ambition?  Of course we have it!  But we will not lose awareness of the wonder of right now just because interruption strikes here and there on a regular basis.

We've got living to do; but fear and worry beg to be behind the wheel.  Whad'ya say we let contentment be the chauffeur?  We'll likely enjoy our travels so much more.

II Corinthians 12:10
Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.  

Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be    content in whatever circumstances I am.  

Thursday, October 27, 2016


It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothingthe words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life (John 6:63).

There is an entire new world wrapped up in this statement of Jesus.  Life.  Life is the drive of every individual.  Furthermore, it is the same goal as God's; to give us life.  All of creation wants the same thing.  We deeply desire to really live.

Conflict is immediate when the flesh wishes to be the boss of our inner spirit.  Inward man houses the Holy Spirit.  God's Spirit works with ours.  Flesh isn't a matter of muscle, sinew, or any other physical attribute.  Rather, it is the focus of the mind.  Basically, we either worship God or else we worship our comfort and preference.  

A key factor within this challenge is the mind; do we trust God or do we rely on our mode of approach to life?  Do we really believe God or do we truly (even secretly) believe that life is up to us?  Shall we go with the Spirit of God or do we hammer out some sort of plan for daily reason or practicality?  

The fleshly mind insists upon explanation.  The inner man thrives upon mystery.  Fleshly thinking is riddled with constant fear.  The inward person operates from the divine code of resurrection power; whatever is dead can live and whatever isn't yet, can become.  

Oh, how we hang our spiritual hats on the fascinating truth of Romans 4; (as it is written, “A father of many nations have I made you”) in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.  The exhilarating truth that Jesus did die and did rise again is to be repeated within our actual walk.  The spiritual mind believes this to be true.  The mind bent on the flesh believes it to be a bogus statement.

Proverbs 3:5 comes into play in a very crucial moment.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  Here we have a choice either to trust God or trust our own judgment.  I don't know about you; but my inclination would be to trust God even those times when I can't understand Him rather than trust myself with my own understanding.  Would you have similar inclination?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Life is being challenged.  It is said of some that they have a hard life.  Each of us may find ourselves in such a mix along the way.  Truly, there is a push-n-shove that goes on in the inner man that needs to be addressed.  Psalm 46:10 solves much of this; Be still and know that I am God.

To be still was not a natural Terry Rush phrase.  Fidgety.  Nervous energy.  Always on the move; never sitting still.  I found that activity was more of my god than God was. To be still means we wait on Him to do the kind of productive work that is both meaningful and lasting.  Yet, it is so hard for guys like me to sit...still.

So why would I live in such a tangled and very busy web that wearies the soul?  Why would you?  And is there a way that we might crack the code of busy, Busy, BUSY?  The answer is Y-E-S.  So, I give you ideas which might help you with your demanding load.

1.  BREAK THE NEED TO PLEASE EVERYONE....because you can't and you won't.  I thought I could; but life unfolded and proved to not be the case.  There are times...many times...when some will conclude that I am selfish and indifferent.  But learning to say "No" to ten requests allows me to say "Yes" to the ministry of God for the moment.

2.  BREAK THE NEED TO BE RECOGNIZED....because you don't need it.  I wanted a reputation of a do-gooder; one who accomplished stuff....important stuff...big stuff.  In reality, I was on course to be less productive because I was busy trying to be I assumed.

3.  BREAK THE NEED TO APPEAR TO BE A HARD WORKER....because this interferes with God using our personal vessels to do the work He designs for each of us. We don't run this show.  God does.  Trying to support the appearance of doing faithful work is precisely why we accomplish very little.  Rather, may we spend our time dependent upon Him; His leadership and His skills.

To simplify is to let go.  To simplify is to relax.  To simplify is to trust that God can when we are clueless.  To simplify may mean we have no report to impress others; yet, the $25 we gave to missions in secret fed a tribe in a distant land.  It is God who is productive.  We are the vessels of His love.

If you write a book that motivates thousands, yay you!  If you never write a book, but read one, and from that other person's writing you were motivated to enhance a neighbor's life...yay you!!  Simplify, my friend, that God might get things done through us.  To be busy chasing after spiritual activity may be blocking God out more than letting Him in.  Just a possibility.

To simplify in the kingdom work is the idea that we really might get more done by asserting ourselves less so that God is allowed to use us for His plan of bringing life to a hurting world.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


....maybe it's your day to receive.

Be still.  He is God.  Enjoy even the silence of uncertainty.  He will lead.  God always has...and He always will.

Therefore...celebrate right now!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Andrew Murray wrote nearly a century ago, Worship is man's highest destiny because in it God is all.  Decades later this call seems to remain; the works of one's heart reaches peak performance when we are enamored with God more than anything or anyone else.  We worship Him; not in formality, but rather from impulse to declare to Him that He is our glorious God.

Generations struggle, oddly, from generation to generation.  By that I mean that each younger one tends to push against the stuckness of the older generation.  Even more ironic is that every younger group eventually becomes the older group and, uh-huh, guess who's now stuck?  The very core, who decades early pushed against the tradition which stifled development of the church, becomes the very thing these once opposed.

Nothing has changed and nothing is new.  If you are of the older generation, beware of your standing in the way of Holy Spirit movement.  If you are of the younger, fight to stay new day by day in the Spirit rather than succumbing to the way we've always done it.

So why is this happening?

The Spirit draws us into newness day by day.  That would include flexibility, adjustment, learning, growing, and maturing.  In other words it would be known as change.  What goes overlooked, my opinion, is that due to the Spirit one is to be newer (younger) today than yesterday...II Cor. 4:16.  In effect, every generation is to be newer every day which would make us all what?

The.  Same.  One generation.  In the Spirit!

Generational divide is due to the flesh's yearn for satisfying self; doing things in the order which we prefer.  The music I like...or don't like.  The preaching style, the decor, the outreach approach; all of these can (and do) replace the devoted, committed worship of Father.  When this goes on, neither generation is correct; old or young, because each has become more inclined to please one's taste rather than glorify the One.

Generational unity comes about when we all realize we've become guilty of the very same disease; driven by self-satisfaction.  The church has a world to reach.  Our harmony will take us into uncharted waters; whereas our stances and objections stifle.  Every younger generation carries the threat of being led away from God by the older generation's insistence that we do church the right way; meaning the way we've always done it .

Our communities have opportunity to be re-reached by those of us still in the church.  Our hunger and thirst for the righteousness of Jesus is the goal that some may have missed at one crucial point when among us.  May we make perpetual adjustments in order to help every age range become the same age

Friday, October 21, 2016


In my earlier years I understood church to represent two basic elements: hypocrisy and boredom.  Oh, I didn't know any hypocrites personally; but I heard plenty about them by just passing through ordinary life.  The word was out.  Insincere.  Needy.  Useless.  I learned early on the ropes of why church wasn't a thing for me.

But the big distraction was my absolute boredom.  I'd take a stab at attendance hoping to get one of those public recognitions in front of the whole church for perfect attendance for three months straight.  I never got one ribbon; not one.  I couldn't take it.  My favorite part of church was when it ended.  What a relief; but I was still determined to try to get one of the ribbons...somehow.

So what changed?  Due to the influence of several others, I began to study the Bible.  I'd carried my Bible, but never really regarded it as anything that would mean much in my daily walk.  Basically, the Bible was something religious kids got for graduating from 8th grade and I was thanking God that I didn't get one.

But when I began to seriously study the Word, life began to make sense.  It took on meaning with an incredible retirement plan that was out of this world.  I learned to watch Jesus move through a community caring for rejects; ministering to the hurting as well as the ignored.  His Spirit began to call me into a deeper relationship of understanding both Father and neighbor.  There was a need in community to survive the inevitable; heavy discouragement.

Therefore, I speak to those who read these posts who, like me at one time, don't care for church and don't see the need for it.  I very much understand.  I would ask you, as did I, to reconsider.  God  isn't after you to go to church, sit  in rows, and endure the best you can for 90 minutes.  Are you kidding me?  Do you really think His Son died on the Cross simply to tie up half of your Sunday?

We are stranded.  We are stranded in sin so deeply that we can never do enough good to climb out on our own.  The time will come when you will want to say to a friend nearby or some distance away to explain to you the concept of starting life over...a real new beginning as.  The time will come when you will want to find out why you believe or disbelieve in God; rather than coasting through life with a smattering of criticisms here and there of people who have earned your disapproval.

Everyone is eventually headed for the cemetery.  But God is genius.  He knows full-well how to derail our eternal demise.  He calls each of us to go to a water-grave first via baptism that our sins would be washed away.  He was serious.  That's why He sent His Son; to learn what it was like to be a human with all of our frustrations and frailties.  God didn't call us to be the best we can be in hopes of going to heaven after we take our last breath.  He has more.  He wants us to bring our moody lives to an end while living that we might experience heaven's blessings while walking a new life.

Me?  I'm still dumbfounded that I love the church concept.  I didn't even want to go to church.  Now....I seem to be locked in!!!  God changes things because He changes people.  We can't escape earth's grinding us to eventual death except for One way out.  His Son.  We are to believe in Him, be buried in Him in baptism, and be elated that we can defy earth's discouraging days by focusing upon the invisible attributes of the Difference Maker who lives to operate from within each of

Thursday, October 20, 2016


The system of church could use a vigorous boost.  The body of Christ will always do well to consciously remain new in Spirit day by day.  It's this new zone which challenges us; calls for us to function from such a perspective.  It would seem that hope awaits us, the church, when we decline to function somewhere within the realm of middle-zone in order to operate from the edge...both the same time.

We are not right with God because we figured ourselves out.  We are saved because He figured us out.  We do not earn our salvation.  It is a gift from God.  Jesus is the one right.  We are the ones who could not save ourselves.  When we make inward adjustments to believe we could not save ourselves; but that He did, an entirely new frame of walk should take place.  Any arrogance due to self-salvation should slip away as an atmosphere of humility should increase.

We are called to live from both extremes; the energy of the Holy Spirit while fully aware of the non-power of ourselves.  Faith on one side and surrender on the other, we become free to enter the dynamic that only God can supply.  There is no middle of safety or forewarning or management.  God runs the show and we most certainly do not.  Our job is two-fold; to stay out of the way and to get into His way.  We are to live from both extremes...and this takes, therefore, a double-commitment of sorts.

From human logic it would seem at first glance that we would be one or the other. Yet, from faith's perspective it is both...simultaneously...confidence in Him and the lack thereof in ourselves...we are to be empty of self in order to be full in Spirit.  Living from these two extremes make life tick.