Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I don't know about you.  For me, I want to see things going on (productivity/effectivity) while, simultaneously, I can't seem to get to them because so many things are going on. This is weird in a weird sort of way.

I am grateful, sincerely so, for technology's progress.  Yet, for every app and tool of creativity for advancement in usefulness these seem to beget a parallel interruption. Getting to write this blog, for instance, is like a dream in reaching to so many so quickly.  However, the number of times my computer bing-bongs me while I'm composing this seems to announce that I am falling behind.

Should you think I am about to pop a solution upon you, think again.  I'm not.  I simply want to say, Don't you love right now?  

While I don't know how to manage these days of opportunity and interruption, I certainly don't intend to fall for the fake life of misery.  What a glorious concept; active. I'm active!  I'm able to walk, talk, think, see, and hear!  These are gifts to my day...your day as well.

We get to be on the starting team of living among the living. Life hasn't passed us by. It has invited us in.  You.  Me.  We.  Opportunity and interruption are ways of life.  Let me say that with a bit more emphasis.

Opportunity and interruption are ways of life....not of death.  In death there is no opportunity and no interruption.  We choose to live!  So since we have made such a dramatic choice, don't you think it would be good management to like right now?  Don't you think it would be best not to waste time in frustration when such moments could be focused upon celebration?

See.  I thought you were a good thinker.  While we wish more would be happening, take note.  We are simultaneously walking and talking in the Center of Great Wonder.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


We are in constant stir over past, present, and perpetual tragedy of man destroying man with bullets.  I am sympathetic to voices who want to eradicate guns.  And should they develop a plan that succeeds, I will join with robust the applause.

But for now, would you mind if I offer an idea as to why such a thread won't be productive?  Owning guns does not seem to be the real problem.  Go ahead.  Confiscate the bullets.  Do we not think then that only the villains will be the ones who possess such?

Trying to do away with guns seems to be similar in trying to limit candles so that curtains won't catch fire and houses won't burn.  Should we end Little League because boys and girls get injured?  Shouldn't cars be suspect because of traffic deaths?  I do note that guns are a bit different as misuse is intentional whereas fire, baseball injuries, and auto accidents are....accidental.

Regarding gun control, why wouldn't there instead be a larger push to revamp the heart; that place where anger and insult resides which inspires the pulling of the trigger in the first place?  Why do we not realize (or do we) the desperation our nations have for effective spiritual development.  It seems that we still believe that if enough laws are passed we will finally eliminate painful destruction within our communities.

But such legal passages have not dented local news.  Crime steadily escalates.

Yet there is something about us.  There is something invisible; tasteless, and odorless. This would be our hearts.  At the rate we improve hearts we will see progress in transforming bitterness into love and despondency into hope.  This....this is what the Holy Spirit does for mankind.

Should you be one focused upon gun control, I say that I hope you hit what works.  My observation (which is quite limited I realize) is that if we take away the guns without transforming the heart then a new kind of weapon will be created by these whose outbursts of uncontrollable anger hunger to do damage to fellow man.

My contention is that guns are not the problem.  Those of us of faith who distance ourselves from the deprived and frustrated have much to do with it.  Guys like me have failed in carrying greater influence into our communities.  I want to get better at it.  A young man and woman dropping dead in front of our television eyes says to me that my role just must improve.  How about you?

Therefore, if this consideration is in the ballpark of potential, it is not up to Congress to clamp down on weapons.  Rather is is up to churches to become more vocal about hope and faith and love.  These three will reverse man at the heart in order to become a friend rather than an enemy to society.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


There is much going right with this world.  Too, the opposite is paramount in places. Right?

Concerns press.  Interruptions...interrupt.  It seems that darkness looms on various fronts.  And we want to see life really live.  So does God.

A distinctive move to sort through the gigantic mood maze will seem to always begin at home.  By home, I mean with self.

Changes would seem to bolster.  Improvements...would improve.  Yet, individually we have a steady knack of believing such should and would first be found in other people or other circumstances.  Not necessarily.  It is a toughy to begin our long list of wishful corrections with self.

We are in need of steady reproving and correcting.  As age factors in, we are found to still be in need of profound adjustments.  It is never ending.  Furthermore, it is exhausting. exhausting.

One of the last places we tend to look for making life better is that heart to heart talk with self about self.  We are so biased in our favor, aren't we?

Maybe days would be better served if we could truly develop a faith that understands the log of foremost concern is the one which habitates in our own eye.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Do not succumb to discouraging people or moments.  Jesus obliterated the deepest, widest, highest, and farthest threat; death.  He crushed it, smashed it, broke it.  All other stresses are but momentary interruptions as well.

You were created by the Living God for more than barely getting by.  Thoughts of agony do not belong to you.  Therefore, do not give them a home.

Rise up and live.  If you have never been baptized into Jesus, consider it for this is the picture of starting life over; born again is how I remember Jesus wording it.

Maintain your push back against the threads of thought that perpetually stab and jab at the heart.  Push back.  The day-ruiners don't belong to you.,  They merely serve you.

Believe it...because you believe Him.

Monday, August 24, 2015


I've been noticing God; His schemes, His process, His moves.  And just as the Bible stories are absurdly outrageous, so are our personal lives.  From floating ax heads to slaying giants to raising dead people, our Bible studies flourish with what "can't be" actually becoming.

And what I dearly love about God is His knack for taking the unusual and the unexpected and making both productive.  These are His stories.  This is His Life!

To grasp what I'm about to say regarding the gold mine in our midst, I remind you that God works so many things backward to our flesh-thinking.  To keep we give.  To be first we must volunteer to be last.  To be strong is to operate from our weakness.  To live we die.

Get it?  Then consider.

The gold mine in our midst is our depression.  Our bad days are pure gold.  These are primed for a profound discovery that will set our days ablaze with wonder and meaning.  We will do well to awaken to such treasure.

"Where's the gold in this, Terry."

Suffering from the blues tends to sink our ship; at least they surely give it a mighty try. Yet, before you buy into their selling you down the river, reconsider.  What value would God have in these dark moments?  Why would I dare thank Him for such misery? There are two reasons.

First, it is often at our loneliest times that we tend to give God greater notice.  We find that we may have given it our all and such wasn't enough.  Perplexed and down, we can/should turn to Him for rescue and relief.

Second, the gold mine is also that these drastic moments of depression are valuable reminders of how others are feeling.  When we awaken to the fact that we are to live to encourage others, it is from this foundational doctrine that our gold mine begins to thrive.  Our misery is transformed into understanding how and where others ail.

When we believe this about our struggles, we are suddenly awakened to a new world of meaning and productivity.  Our troubles aren't present to make us miserable.  No, we shall use them as beneficial in that we have a deep compassion for those who struggle in similar fashion.  Our empathy becomes assistance for our neighbors.

Good for us.  Good for them.  The Gold Mine in our midst is useful, meaningful, and necessary.  Discouragement then takes a back seat to the profound opportunities of our every day.  They no longer are allowed to take the wheel....but we will allow them to energize us.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


We live in a perpetual zone of misunderstanding.  We seem to be reflective of others' weak spots; their negativity, their lack, their sins.  Simultaneously, we seem to be deflective of our own.  II Corinthians 10:12 assures us that when we live comparing ourselves by ourselves (and we usually come out on top doing so) that we are simply without understanding.

Our big mistake is that even if we do dare take the log out of our own eye, we still believe that a log is in theirs.  It's one thing for us to admit the crisis (log) of our quint-eyed judgment.  But to believe their sins are merely specks?  We, basically, won't stand for it.

Our big mistake is that we quickly see the futility of the lousy others.  Our bigger solution is to give absolute concentration upon our own.  At this very point the solution--the bigger solution--is that we admittedly have to drop the stones of which we were just about ready to toss at another (sinner) in anger.

The bigger solution is to back down to our narrow-minded criticism of others (while very likely they, too, are sinful) as we have bigger fish to fry over contemplation of our own sin.

The Cross remains the standard.  It has a clear message.  None were exempt.  Jesus paid for our sins; not just theirs.  That's why Jesus is the bigger solution to our mistakes.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


An old song of a half a century ago was worded something like, You gotta have heart...miles and miles and miles of heart.  As it turns out this idea of having heart is indispensably ultra-necessary.  We've just got to have heart.

Wars are won and lost on the turf of hearts; either believing or unbelieving.  Naysayers with obviously weak hearts pick at the successes of the brave hearts offering excuses as to why it worked for THEM; but not for ME.  From the heart one believes...or chooses not to.

There is power in a believing heart.  For one, if matters are stressful at the moment, there remains a perpetual confidence that wonder will definitely break in.  The believing heart....believes.  It has a faith that what isn't yet can be; what looks bad is pregnant with good possibilities.

The power of a believing heart is invisible, available, and certain.  Unbelievers only have good days on the good days.  Believers see all days, even with their ups and downs,as filled with potential.

The power of the believing heart always has hope.  We have permission to readily and easily accept the promise of what can be due to the startling resurrection of Jesus.  He calls us to enter into the most power-packed, power-backed wonder of the living fabulous lives embedded within his resurrection power.

Believe it.  It is quite true.  Our hearts carry explosive life which causes others to want to believe as well.