Tuesday, September 05, 2017

EPIDEMIC HESITATION: Many Want to Know About God But....

I am focusedly sympathetic to a specific kind of individual who lives among us.  I speak of the one(s) who inwardly wonder if this God-stuff could have any legitimacy, yet they don't know how to go about inquiring safely.  By safely, I mean these aren't sure that they want their friends to know that they are having second thoughts about God's reality.  Too, there is incredible uncertainty as to what believing in God might actually entail.

The thought by so many is to stand back and remain unnoticed by colleagues.  Yet, what if?  What if this God-Bible-Church idea isn't a hoax afterall?  What if you and your cronies' constant jokes about churches and those in them are way off base.  That's what I discovered to be the case.

In John chapter 3, there is a story of a man named Nicodemus.  He sought out Jesus privately by night.  This one just already happened to be a significant religious leader in his own right.  Yet, Jesus was quite a challenge for this leader as many in his neighborhood assumed that he already spoke clearly for God.

He went by night to talk with Jesus?  That must be significant else it wouldn't need to be inserted into the text.  Was Nicodemus afraid of what he might hear?  Did he make such move because he didn't want colleagues seeing him?  The point I wish to make is that not everyone is immediately ready to rush out in public with their vocal enthusiasm for following God.  And such a one is, indeed, still very able to learn of Him...in private if such a climate would give the seeker room to ponder, consider, weigh.

So consider an assortment of ideas regarding the inner desire of oh so many who secretly want to know/wonder about God and His legitimacy.

  1.  God gets it.  He inserted the story of Nicodemus in a way to signal that He understands hesitancy.

  2.  All who are devoted to God live in the church in some form of hesitation.  We hold back, even after we are committed to following Him, because we are each crammed full of uncertainties about...ourselves.  Therefore, you are free to join the crowd!

  3.  To enter the Kingdom of God is to be born again.  Think about birth for a moment. When we are born we know nothing!  We don't even know that we are alive!  Yet, what's more precious than a newborn who eats, sleeps, and poops at random?  Frankly, being born again in the spirit has many similar traits including fumbling with the new concepts, ideas, and approaches.  Join in!

Newborns in the church are our happiest moments!

I'm one who knows that there is an epidemic of hesitation going on.  Good people, very awesome, genuinely great people, want to know God; but don't know where to begin.  I get it because I was one of those.  So many of us in the church were one of those!

Relax.  Fumble in learning; but what's new?  You've most likely done that in every venture of your growing/maturing life.  Get over it.  Come out of the epidemic hesitation...even if you have to approach someone in the dark about matters of faith that you are beginning to weigh.  You are a good person....so valuable that God (The God) died on the Cross for you (torturously so) in hopes that you would one day risk giving yourself a fair shake at just learning of His potential toward you.

Break the bonds of Epidemic Hesitation....shall we?  Refuse to keep the intimidating crowds from letting you learn about one of the most important truths of your entire life....your personal, hopeful eternity.

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