Sunday, September 03, 2017


Christianity has developed a thinking that is crucially wrong as well as subtly deadening to the heart.  It seems that we may have taken the extremes of life and neutered them to be somewhat momentary samples rather than living experiences.  This constant struggle of believing that we are only a little bit saved is a direct backfire due to a falsely coordinated belief (self-imposing doctrine) that we are only a little bit lost.

Oh sin is sin; do not forget.  Yet, insistent middle-of-the-roaders interpret such strenuous fact for others; seldom for self.  Judgment of others is easier this way.  We don't know how they can dare do what all they do.  All the while, our (my) particular sins?  Well....well they are indeed toughies that will require patience and understanding (of me, with me, toward me).

Here's the Truth.  We are found in the eyes of God to initially be very extremely lost.  This, therefore, elevates salvation as moving us from being deeply lost to become, rather, very Good News!

Extremes?  Oh, we churchers say we don't believe in extremes.  We see ourselves as more...well as more stable.  And, we have a name for thosens; R A D I C A L S.  But what would be more extreme/more radical than transitioning from eternally lost to forever saved?

Extremes?  Jesus beaten to a bloody pulp before and during the Cross only to be raised in a clean bill of new health seventy-two hours later.  That.  Is.  What.  One.  Would.  Call.  Extreme.

So here's an area that creates incredible sluggishness in the body of Christ; the church.  Our sins should more than strand us.  They should break us.  Yet, there's more...much more.  Upon realization of one's personal sins is the stunning belief that we who have been buried in baptismal waters are experiencing a resurrected new life!  This is the message from Heaven; cleansed by His blood day by day.

When one shifts into this mode of much lost to much saved, a new person(ality) develops.  Gratitude reigns.  Criticism of others diminishes.  Relief becomes prominent for self...and certainly for others.  Life seems to transfer from drudgery in the Kingdom to abundant joy, hope, and opportunity.  One actually takes on the world of Heaven while here on earth!

The truth is that everyone is very MUCH LOST.  When one encounters Jesus, we become very MUCH SAVED; not a little bit, not just a scent of such, but over-the-top actuality.  When the church moves from going through the motions created by a false standard of a little bit lost/a little bit saved, the True Standard will arise from hiding.  Hearts will be well as refreshed.

Jesus didn't suffer excruciating pain on the Cross so that followers could walk with a hesitating limp known as nebulous faith...whatever that is.  No.  Jesus was raised that we tip our eyes toward the wonder and the glory and the awe of the present moment and all future present moments.  That's what we could call being "all in".

Become new.  We were a lot lost.  We are a lot saved.  The latter changes EVERYTHING!

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