Thursday, September 07, 2017


You do know that we experience two worlds in any given moment.  Right?  One walks by faith.  Or, one walks by sight.  Yet, quite oddly, both realms exist for immediate experience based upon one's chosen perspective.

Faith is the call of God.  Faith has taken a pretty significant hit in the Christian realm because we tend too often two switch it over to sight...yet, only to continue call it faith.  Quite often the faith-walk has been transferred back to a more of a wait and see operation.  The undermining word to the spiritual process is see.

Present seeing is reality at any given moment.  Present faith is reality at any given moment.  But one is not to be assumed to be the other for oddly both realms, in fact, see.  Sight sees.  Faith, however, sees during the very same situation; but with an opposing perspective.  This surely keeps us on our toes as at the reading of this we are likely saying, Huh?  This may verify the challenge of which I speak.

Peter was in the boat.  Storms were a-brew.  Jesus came walking on the water.  Peter was floored.  Jesus called upon him to get out of the boat and walk toward him...a very opposing, yet simultaneous realm of reality existed for this common fisherman.  Both avenues are present; not just one.  Opting for Jesus, Peter actually walked on the water; which at the moment was a very authentic realm of opposite reality.

However, the sight-matter changed.  Peter shifted from seeing Jesus to seeing threatening waves; the very intimidators that had always been present when he walked looking to Jesus.  At that point, the waves indeed existed; but Peter was giving them no mind.  Once he split his attention (sight), an immediate sinking feeling inserted itself into the lineup.

So it is with our walk.  We tend to reduce faith to be a matter of how things work out.  We tend to believe that they just happened with little dependence upon or responsible perspective.  But all faith is awaiting our assertive perspective.  That's what faith is.

The faith term has been reduced to handy-ism, thoughtless-ism, and shrug-ism.  It either happens or else it doesn't.  But, not true.  Faith isn't a hurried-past step in the plan of salvation.  Faith opens the windows of the working heavens, the hand of God, at the very simultaneous moment of when opposing situations crowd in to intervene.

(I awakened just now this morning.  And this is what He told me.  It's all a sight issue.  We select what we prefer to see.  So I send it your way.  Have a new kind of day!)

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