Saturday, August 12, 2017


This is just my observation, but I believe that the bulk of mankind is wasting a huge portion of its breathing, walking, and talking time.  I speak, not from a sense of criticism but, with intent to be one of those voices in our lives which would join the ranks of assisting each other in moving well as upward.  Regardless of age, there will always be room for attainable improvement.  This would be called growth and maturity.

I believe that our inner part (our spirit) is carrying a dis-ease that could be compared to a chronic headache or back pain.  That ailment is so ultra-subtle that it goes unnoticed only to be detected by Spirit x-ray.  I speak of the sin of being aggravated and disliking those around us.

"Oh, that's a problem?"  Oh, yes.  It's ruling our world in so many cases.

We must get a grip on this glut of enemyism for it's eating our lunches seven days straight each week.  I'm not necessarily speaking of any deeper violation than that there are those in our lives that we just don't like because of one or one hundred injurious moves they have committed against us.  So?  We have determined to shut them off as no good, unnecessary...and totally not like self.

But...this latter observation is where we are wrong....precisely and devastatingly so.

Why can we not a get a grip that when it comes to sin, we are all alike?  The answer is we tend to give ours an explainable pass while throwing condemnation at all others whom we have determined with enormous conviction that we don't like and won't ever like....again!  But there's a hitch with this mindset.  We have forgotten that we are all just alike.

Consider the apostle who regarded himself as least in the kingdom, "For we are not bold to class or compare ourselves with some of those who commend themselves; but when they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves to themselves, they are without understanding."  (II Cor. 10:12)

I make a tremendous amount of mistakes.  So much so that I battle shutting down because of how old I am and, yet, I remain so foolish, silly, and weak at times.  So how is it that I can still think of myself as better than another?  Any other?  This verse says I'm precisely like all others.  And, it declares the same of you.

Rather than carry a grudge, you might find life to be a greater dimension of joy and robust enthusiasm if you would get a grip on your own great lack.  Such isn't a negative thought, but rather a most powerful piece of lasting and meaningful encouragement.  We can do better at loving others and the good news is....that it's only a thoughtful determination away!

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