Sunday, August 13, 2017


An interruption to faith does not mean that the realm of faith is a false premise.  There are those in abundant number who perport exactly such a measure though.  These are quick to point out the slightest thread of Christianity gone awry as verification that faith is some sort of imaginary hoax.  I believe a "weak crutch" is what they oft times describe it.

Faith sees what isn't yet.  That's enough to cancel pursuit for many.   Yet, that's its secret weapon and it matters is true.  Faith is the lifeblood of our day.  To pooh-pooh it without serious probe is catastrophic for any and all.

Every one of us lives by faith in some degree that hits interruption; yet, we do not boast that there is not reality of faith, do we?  How many have left the house with intent (faith, as it hadn't happened yet) to bolt off to work?  Yet, in the driveway sits a flat-tire.  I thought you were going to work (by faith that's where you were headed)!  Your intent (faith/belief) was deterred for a bit....but you eventually got to your job.

Have you ever planned on Monday to golf on Tuesday only to find storms arrived overnight and continued during the next day?  Did you golf?  No.  Hadn't you planned by faith to do so?  Yes.  So how's this faith thing going for you?  According to the many, faith should be dropped from any and all discussions because what some had planned as absolute didn't happen.

So it is in the spiritual world of sheer faith.  We are engaged and embedded in a belief system that is quite legit.  Interruption?  Well....there is not interruption at all because faith's very nature is full of options.  We begin immediately in our minds (faith) to work an alternative plan.  (We will work an hour later at the office due to that flat tire and we can golf next Tuesday.)  Faith's flexibility bugs the those bent on doubting its most essential nature.

Yes, flexibility is key.  Faith never gives up.  Faith is the terrain and the substance of all hope.  Adjustment defies rules.  We will get to work regardless of interference and we will join the foursome.  Too many, however, shut down when the slightest interruption happened in their faith/church world because they assume that when matters don't work out that faith has been delegitimized.  Not.  True.

We are called to walk by faith and not by sight because faith is the real.  The flat tire by no means signals you won't make it to work.  Your faith says you have options.  The rainy day does not transfer to sell the clubs.  Your faith says you will win over this time-restricted contest. succeed with both.

So to the doubters of Christian faith out there, you are barking up a mistaken tree.  I know, you believe you've got this church/faith thing all figured out because you've noted inconsistencies like sins, sinners, and even death.  However, all of these are our flat tires and our rain-delays.  Jesus has them all covered.  Your charting of our failures feel quite pleasing to your egos, but what you haven't remembered is that faith always trumps the previous day(s) failures and interruptions.

Jesus has changed the game, the rules, and the results.  Really.  And, truth be told, every person already understands quite well the deep practicality of the realm of....legitimate faith....don't we? I would ask that you possibly rethink your position of delegitimizing faith for it is both practical as well as authentic.

Reschedule your tee time with God.  We all have had to do so somewhere along the storms of life.

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