Friday, August 11, 2017


IMAGINARIUM is my new role; my new mission.  The concept is so off of the wall that I can't define it well.  I can't even define it average.  But, it is full of hope and joy and wonder because it is based upon faith in what God can, might, and will do that I/we have zero ability to coerce.  Well coercion is there....but only through the invisibles such as faith, and prayer, and stepping out onto the waters with no footing.

And...I'm very enthused about the practice and the potential and the possibilities.

This venture will be embedded in the Ephesians 3:19-20 promise of God.  I want to knock on doors, His doors, for ways to cheer on the entire world.  I believe that as the universe in which we live has yet to be fully discovered, so it is with the spiritual portion.

Have university labs discontinued experimentation for hopeful discovery for improvement in farming, medicine, education?  Nope.  Then, I say more so are we to dig into the truths and the vision of God's call....for it is His calling in this direction.

IMAGINARIUMilisticly SPEAKING, we get to enjoy this life God affords.  And one of those major factors is that He calls us to be new day by day which would include search, research, and discovery! we continue to SPEAK IMAGINARIUMilisticly.  Let this become a new language for the church!

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