Thursday, August 10, 2017


Not one person is immune to negative, frustrating, routine disappointment.  Every person--as in every--faces combat in their particular trenches every day.  The temptation to yield to the dark trend seems overwhelming from time to time.  And, I say let's do something about it.  At your fingertips today is a tool poised to cause an avalanche of hope...and that's exactly what we are going to do.

People--as in all--need encouragement and re-encouragement.  This need isn't a one-time fits all; but rather is a daily need for all.  Today we are going to tackle one of the greatest calls ever.  You can change the world for two or ten and when 1000 of us do it (we have 3600 readers here so I just tossed out a low number) for IMAGINARIUM'S sake.  Think what would happen if 3600 followed through!

So here's what I am asking you to consider.  Would you select 2 to 10 friends today; some would be very close to daily walk while others would be friends; yet there isn't all that much of regular contact between you.  Would you send them a note informing them of two things: (1) why it is that you admire and love them today, and (2) asking them to select their 2 to 10 to do the same...asking those 2 to 10 to do the same.

Y E S....we will start an avalanche of hope for hearts that we may have not thought needed such a project of wonder!  Let's go for it!!

Yay you...and yay me!!!

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