Monday, May 22, 2017

Since you ARE going to raise your voice

Voices are heard throughout our day throughout our workplace throughout our world.  Everywhere we turn: voices and more voices.  Use yours.

Every caliber of personality has little trouble voicing his or her dislikes and disapproval.  Yet, when it comes to speaking out about the good and the wonder all around it seems that silence befalls a large percentage.

I cheer you on today.  If you know how to speak up in frustration, you can channel such courage into speaking up for the glory and the wonder and the sheer pleasure of people and all the good they do...and are.

Since you most likely ARE going to raise your voice today, how about speaking out about the great delight you find in those around you.  I guarantee you that you will make their day.

Reach the world...a cubicle away...across the hall...or at your table.  Reach the world with a message that every person needs to valued they your heart.

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