Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I can't verify that what I'm about discuss can be statistically supported.  Yet, there seems to be a strong thread among the many amazing stories which the world, indeed, loves to rehearse blow by struggling blow.  These are called Success Stories.

Here's my wonder about them.  It's the trying to estimate if they might actually just be true which cause them to be so very astonishing.  Are the noted Success Stories treasured because each arose from the ashes of interference, interruption, and even failure?  Is the reversal of the setting the thriller of it all?  Would the "just can't be" becoming the "actually did happen" the dynamic that draws each of us into the land of marvel and appreciation?  Of joy and elation?

I think so.

It's the story of Israel.  A quite small by comparison country attacked by bully circumstances and moguls, little Israel pulled off the upsets...time after time...due to the very intentional backing of God.  Young and unarmed David.  Gigantic opponent Goliath.  What.  A.  Success.  Story.

And then there's that event where one who claimed to be the original son from Heaven.  He tried and tried on occasion to assist the strugglers only to note his efforts denied by leaders in the community.  He cared about the underdogs and ministered to them with unusual strength.  Applauded?  No, they killed him.  The bigshots took him out...or so they assumed.

Appearing to be limp and dead, the Spirit awakened Jesus in that hollow tomb and the result?  The greatest Success Story man has beheld.  So it is with you...with me.  Our stories are not dying because deadening circumstances, or even words, present themselves.  Oh, no.  The plot is merely thickening for another Success Story is coming soon!

Success Stories are seldom formed from success stories.  No, they are created from what can't be...but did anyway...in even grander presentation.  Yay God!  Yay us who believe Him!

Your injury?  Your disappointment?  Your crushing moment?  These and others are the elements of the thickening of the plot for such are the materials---the raw materials---from which Success Stories are developed.  Hold on to your hat!  Wonder.  Is.  Taking.  Place.  Now.

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