Sunday, May 21, 2017


Eight Sundays from today will be the conclusion to my full-time ministry with the Memorial Drive family.  It won't be my last day to get to be a part of this place.  And, it won't be the final day of me serving others.  Yet, as far as being on staff and working with a most wonderful team day in and day out, that will be a wrap on July 16. would such feel?  It's packed with extremes.  I'm ready to rest.  A rather big question will be, however, who am I?  The entire format has holes awaiting for God to fill them.  In the meantime there is one more occasion to feel....confusingly lost?

So what's a man to do when he gets in his car and it's programmed to drive to 747 S. Memorial all by itself?  I believe that I will get used to the idea and I fully intend to really like it...a...lot.  It's the graduation exercises that have me buffaloed because, frankly, I've never been this old before.  Shocking, I know.

Eight weeks from today (seems like the length of blink and a sneeze) I will try to speak before my people.  I'm one of their men.  We've been a team for four decades.  I was never the boss.  I never had it in me.  My theme was for me to stay out of the way.  My new goal during the transition will be the same.  I must stay out of the way.

Therefore, how am I to approach the next eight weeks?  With enormous delight!  Who wouldn't have loved to get to preach at this place for one week?  And, I did for forty years!

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