Friday, April 14, 2017


This is one of the most treasured weekends world-wide.  Good Friday followed by Easter Sunday.  These next three days seem to bring about reflection more than usual as to sober reality regarding earth-life and then eternal-life.  This weekend is packed with sure do hope so on the part of oh so many!

So, I encourage the many readers who are good people; but are quite uncertain about whether this religious thing is for you.  It is. isn't.

Let's look at the isn't first.  What isn't for you isn't for the rest of us, either.  The habitual, the lifeless, the thoughtless repetitious and weary church-itis plagues many of us in it.  Of course, this causes understandable hesitation among those out of it.

Let's be fair, though, to the is.  The reason this religious thing is for you is because it is very real.  If you don't believe it, take inventory of just how many you know who seem destined to never die.  No, this is always on one's casket list of reality.  The is for you is that there is life after death and it takes a brave and thoughtful faith to yield to it.

On the other hand, that there would be no life after death takes faith to believe that as well.  So, since you are going to invest with some measure of faith, why not go for the one that is more, shall we say, A-L-I-V-E?

Don't you think it about time that some of you sober up a bit about your future?  I cheer you toward the One who beat death.  That would be Jesus.  He is Friend to all; even to the ugliest and most infractious sinners.  That's why we can be in.  Jesus is the Password.

Once you lean toward him, it is time some of you who have not yet been should be baptized.  Romans 6:1-9 is a place you can see for yourselves.  Why would Jesus send the disciples out, in what is known as the Great Commission, to teach and baptize if he didn't expect us to learn and to be baptized?

This Sunday may be your Sunday!  It may be the one where you take a bold step by confessing that Jesus is the one who saves and that you are ready to be buried in baptism.  Millions have.  Millions more will.

Might you have been thinking about this lately?  God is rooting for you...and so am I.

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