Sunday, April 16, 2017


It's Easter Sunday.  As is common, for America at least, significant spiritual days have been commercialized to a great extent.  Yet....there's something more that one can't help but note.  The day is still celebrated for its original intent.  Jesus arose from the grave!

Faith is in the air.  Churches will be packed today.  Many who don't usually make it possibly on any of the other fifty-one Sundays will most likely make it today.  That's a good thing.  That's a really good sign.  Why?  Faith is in the air.

Think about it.  Of all days during the year, why would any who don't seem to be necessarily embedded in the church scene unanimously and simultaneously select this one Sunday to make their trek to a spiritual gathering?  Why?

Is it for show?  Is it to salve conscience?  Is it to impress others with their new digs being worn?  Oh, some might fit into such a category...just as on all Sundays.  But there could be something much deeper going on.  It is most likely that faith is in the air stronger than any other Sunday.  This one day shows the true, the deep and real, nature of the inner person.  People believe God.

Within the deepest regions of millions upon millions of individuals, there is a possession of faith in the air that concretely believes that Jesus was real, that he died, and that he rose again.  Added to such an assurance is the drive, by oh so very many, to gather with other believers this day as we join in giving God thanks.  It appears that in the most private zones of mankind's heart, faith in Jesus reigns...strong. in the so many awesome people! Good Sunday!

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