Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I'm a recovering GnatStrainer.  You know what that is, right?  That's a person who makes mountains out of molehills.  GnatStrainers exaggerate the silly while, simultaneously, ignoring the significant.  People like me get worked up over trivial; but the central issues that really matter seem to go unnoticed.  

Don't be this.

GnatStraining requires combinational fret and worry.  To give attention to such areas, in turn, leaves the gates open to bigger and more authentic concerns.  In actuality, we may be found majoring in minors rather than majoring in majors. Jesus called the latter CamelSwallowing.  

The religious-hearted are great targets for this mistaken style.  The question isn't really, "How did worship go?"  It is rather, "Was God worshiped?"  Life in the church isn't, "Did we do Christianity right?"; but, "Has Jesus made us right?"

GnatStraining, which leads to CamelSwallowing, is such an easy road to travel because it is both nearly unconscious as well as quite socially acceptable.  I cheer us on as we serve in the Kingdom of God as such requires intentional focus.  Distraction is Satan's strong tactic.  

I encourage you to gain momentum in developing a walk with God that is GnatStrain/CamelSwallow free.  Relax.  Don't neglect, but relax, so that you may be attentive to the lives around you that matter in deepest significance and form.  When your life comes to an earthly conclusion and you will have closed your eyes for the final time, will the issues that demanded your energy have really mattered?

You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel...Mt. 23:24...have meaning for our hurried and pressing lifestyles.  May we make our time count by investing in the non-gnat, non-camel trek before us!

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