Thursday, April 13, 2017

A-N-O-T-B: The Secret to a Disappointless Day!

Don't buy into the tradition of moodiness.  That stuff will suck one under in a blink; in a heartbeat.  No, what we do is acknowledge the value of our profound existence moment by moment.

I once lived a yo-yo life.  Up one day (maybe two) and then down the next (and maybe the next).  I learned through God to make one gigantic correction.  Such a move has allowed my life to get to live.

There are two kinds of days: good days because they are good days and good days because they are bad days.  All one needs to experience this as factual, rather than philosophical, is to learn how to pivot.  Yes, there is a pivot-point in our thinking process which transforms even our negative bummer days into positive blessed ones.

This amazing pivot is found in Romans 5.  The context is actually verses 1-5.  But the monumental and earth-shaking framework of success is found in :3; And not only this but.  That's it?  We are to live by, a seemingly nonsensical, And not only this but?  A-N-O-T-B?  Uh-huh.  Get it?

A-N-O-T-B offers hope, wills hope, is hope!  And what does God say in verse 5?  And hope does not disappoint.  Now, go out and have a disappointless day!

Because His grave is empty.....we win.  Be disappointless!

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