Thursday, March 09, 2017


Faith is surely a profound challenge of the human mind and heart.  If the platform (philosophy) of it isn't challenging enough, the practice of it is a matter of opposition to the natural mind.  Faith challenges the very core of being a thinking, managing, controlling person.

Why is it such a bear for so many of us?  One reason is because it refuses to march to our what our eyes can see cadence.  The drumbeat of so much of our walk is framed within the boundaries of visibility.  That we are called to walk by faith AND NOT to walk by sight surely gives us a clue as to the extreme task before us.

Man is comprised of two sets of eyes; that of the head and that of the heart.  Paul prayed in Ephesians that the eyes of our hearts might be enlightened so that we could know the will of God.  Faith is not a Sunday School hand-out to be long forgotten by Sunday afternoon at 2:00.  It is the daring move of the heart to believe that what isn't, yet, can become.

We walk by faith and not by sight.  Why?  Because sight will freak us out; at least fear us out.  Paranoia is rampant when we function by what we can visibly calculate.  The reports may appear weak.  The results might seem negative.  But faith...but faith SEES what the flesh cannot perceive; hope, potential, and possibility.

I encourage you to see beyond the chatter of doubters, deniers, and whiners.  Anybody can ride the bandwagon of negative blindness and feel quite appropriate due to the amount of company unbelieving can keep.  But forge ahead, even if alone, listen to the Spirit of God.  Practice seeing what can't be seen by the flesh-eyes.  God did what couldn't be done...and still does so...with and through plain people like Moses, Esther....and us.

Faith isn't a bear.  It just refuses to be a coward.

Yay us!!

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