Sunday, March 12, 2017


The way to the top is to move to the bottom.  Jesus taught it.  He lived it.  He is THE success story of all stories because he lived with purpose as as well as personal fulfillment.....and he defied the grave.

This.  We.  Want.

If we believe that we are going to find joy in attaining and accumulating, the vast populace of the entire world has tried this route...and failed.  The Jesus-route is the only one that really lives.  Odd, even we followers continue to hope for some sort of an escape clause where we could bypass self-sacrifice in order to experience joy.  And on occasion we feel we've hit it only to run head-on into more frustration and let-down.

To have an immediately much better day is to lose our lives that others may be blessed.  And, practically speaking, how would one go about this?  Sow seeds of delight and joy and positivity and happiness and endurance and forgiveness and gratitude.  If you want to see a difference made in your life, make a difference for others.

NOTE THESE FOUR: Be attentive.  Be attentive.  Notice others.  Be attentive.

There!  These are four things that will afford you an immediately better day because you just made someone else's!


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